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Patricia Totah, Kyle Dion

Patricia Totah led the way with a 5-pound bass, her personal best, last Friday while fishing with Kyle Dion on Clear Lake.

Submitted photo

I Know You Are Sick … and tired of hearing my lament about recent lousy Clear Lake bass action. Well, I am, too. Just look at these nice bass caught by Patricia Totah and Kyle Dion last Friday. Topping out at 5 pounds (Patricia‘s personal best), their catch totaled 11 fish – coming on drop shots and Carolina rigs. Pro guide Bob Myskey (274 0373) manned the net.

Eleven big fish in the winter is a nice accomplishment. Problem is that just three days earlier, we caught just two bass there – and they were pathetic little runts! It may be a conspiracy – or God’s way to punish me for the 30 years of showing off big bags of big bass. So, the gauntlet has been thrown – Stan Press and I have four more bass days scheduled for Clear Lake in April/May. No promises, but I’m hoping to appease the fish gods and score a couple of big bass for you all to see. Stay tuned.

One Sixteenth Of An Inch… too short? Give me a break! Angry fish gods operated in San Pablo Bay on Saturday, too. Captain Chris Smith on the Happy Hooker (510-223-5388) put a client onto a sturgeon that was 1/16th of an inch short of legal. Legal length starts at 40 inches. Math whiz types help me here but my abacus said that sixteenth was 1/640th of the needed 40 inches.

Let’s Flip To Some Good News… for local kids. I’m pleased to report that the 2018 George Carl Memorial Kids Fishing Derby will be hosted by the Napa Active 20/30 Club on May 20. I know it will be headquartered at the launch ramp area at Lake Hennessey. Plenty of details to come; plenty of time to pass them on to you. Get all of your kids prepped for this marvelous day of fishing. There are enough age brackets and fish species brackets to give every participant a shot at the trophy prize. And, every participant receives a derby participation certificate. Soon you will be able to get additional information at Sweeney’s Sports on Imola; and I’ll keep you updated, too.

Here’s an early tip. Get yourselves a variety of Power Baits. Orange and Pink have been top colors. I’ll tell you that I would also get some brown Power Baits that look like little brown bugs that those hatchery fish have been chomping on. They just might want to stay with the same food swimming around in Hennessey.

Meanwhile At Berryessa… you can watch that blastoff and the weigh-in of the Best Bass Tournament’s Delta/Wine Division tomorrow starting at dawn. Launch and weigh in are at Pleasure Cove Marina on Wragg Canyon Road. Go on line to for details and timing. Next up for us will be the BBT Northern Region tournament at Clear Lake on April 14 and Berryessa on May 7. Look for the next Delta/Wine region gig at Clear Lake on May 19.

The Delta Story… is warming water makes fishing better. Once again this week, the old salts there are optimistic about the spring bite in the Delta. And, spring is just five days away. Here are some encouraging notes gathered from Dave Hurley’s Monday Hot Sheet:

* “Male stripers have been on the move into the Delta, and the first appreciable showing of striped bass has begun in the Sacramento-Delta.”

* “… the sturgeon bite has improved considerably with the warmer water temperatures.”

* “They released a 24-pounder (striper) earlier in the week along with keeping a few in the 11- to 15-pound range.” I hope you are all picking up on that good outdoorsmanship; let those big hen stripers live – and make some more big babies.

* “The (sturgeon) bite is going to get really good within the next few weeks as the water temperatures continue to rise.”

* ”The (largemouth bass) bite has been excellent in the central Delta, and largemouth bass over 12 pounds have been caught and released as the fish have moved shallow.”

* “… reported a good bluegill and crappie bite near the Lazy M Marina … as fishermen are finding the slabs with crappie jigs and then tossing out waxworms under a bobber.”

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