Local Waters? … Napa River striped bass are here and biting. Sweeney’s Sports’ ace field guide, Tom Dudenhoeffer, said to “find moving water and you’ll find stripers in the river.” His recommendation for targeting the big ones was “live bait.” Apparently it works; there was a 40-pounder caught last week.

Please release those big fertile hens unharmed so they can make some more big babies. Stop in at Sweeney’s on Imola before heading out for some of their famous live bait, and a clue as to the newest “honey hole.”

There is a wide range of stripers on tap from 18 inches (legal size requirement) on up. It’s a perfect time to take your kids to soak cut bait from the shore, too.

Apparently the black bass action at Berryessa and Hennessey is grim right now. Better to target crappie in both waters with live bait or white grubs in deep water coves.

Bassing At Clear Lake Is Dismal, Too … It defies past experience when October’s shorter days triggered bass to put on the feed bag in preparation for cold winter months. I’ll try to post you when this improves. We’re looking forward to fishing with jumbo live minnows on pro guide Bob Myskey’s boat as soon as possible. Shallow water fishing with live minnows under a bobber is prolific and a blast. It’s a great time to introduce your kids to big time bass angling. Bob is excellent with novices – he fished all three of my grandchildren. Give him a jingle at 274-0373.

This Just In … from the Lake Berryessa News. Napa County just released the Lake Berryessa “Request for Information and Interest (RFII)” to solicit potential concessionaires for five developable sites at the lake. In shorthand, it is a key step to proper development of the concession areas fully supported by public officials of Napa Valley, who have pledged to facilitate the entitlement process. I’m excited because this action can result in a modern outdoor recreation complex that will give all of us here an additional place to play outdoors – as well as attract new visitors who will help our local economy grow.

Learn all the details in The Lake Berryessa News at bit.ly/2kryAXd.

Bodega Bay … saw high winds over the weekend keeping a majority of the party boats tied up to the docks. However, that might bode well for a new round of salmon action. Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sport Fishing told the Hot Sheet, “Every time we get a blow for a few days, the salmon school up and can be found once the weather calms down.” So, he predicts another round of solid salmon action off of Ten Mile Beach with the fish holding there due to the huge amount of anchovy schools in the area.

But the tried and true rockfish bite stays hot, with limits all around topped off with ling cod up to 18 pounds. It’s the perfect foundation for rock and crab combo trips in November.

Wild St. Helena … repeats at the St Helena Public Library on Thursday, Oct. 12 starting at 6:30 p.m. This week’s subject is skunks and Jennifer Hunter, PhD, will be on the mike. She is an avid skunk enthusiast and promises that by the end of the night, you will have a new appreciation for our mysterious native skunks.

This will be the sixth St. Helena Wild presentation of 2017. Bring the kids and get there early; the two we attended were standing-room-only. This series is sponsored by the Napa County Resource Conservation District, Napa County Watershed Information & Conservation Council, St. Helena Public Library, Friends of the Napa River, Napa Valley Vintners, and Napa Vision 2050.

And, Wild Nevada … Fishing for giant cutthroat trout at Pyramid Lake not far from Reno has been on my bucket list for 40 years. Their 2017-18 season just opened on Sunday. Hope it goes on your to-do list when you read that hooking a massive 20-pound trout is a real possibility every day in the key areas.

The world-record cutthroat is a 41-pound beast that was caught from Pyramid in 2005. Apparently the lake has mostly recovered from last year’s heavy rains. While it’s up 11 feet from January, all the debris that entered the lake has settled and the water is now clear (thanks to Western Outdoor News for this flash notice).

The best cutthroat season is the ski season; a great chance for the combo trip of a lifetime. I don’t have any “eyes” up there yet, so visit bit.ly/2y2TErZ to start your very first family Vicarious Fishing/Skiing Adventure search.

Fly guys and gals, you are going to love the casting conditions – you fish from a ladder in 3-4 feet of water along the shore so you won’t have any “back cast in the trees” issues.

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