Friday The 13th! … So what? Bad luck happens. Don’t let a black cat cross in front of you. Don’t walk under a ladder. If you fear just the number 13, you have triskaidekaphobia; but wait: a fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia.

Oh wait. Spanish-speaking countries and the Greeks have their own day to fear – Tuesday the 13th is their favorite. And another outlier: Italian culture considers Friday the 17th a day of bad luck. What’s all this have to do with fishing? Fishing is mostly good, but there’s also bad luck every day of the week. So let’s get on with it.

Richard Bollen Fishes Remote Idaho … with a fly. I have known Richard practically all of his life, and I’m a fan of his. With no fear of bad luck, the Napa angler fly fished remote Idaho recently. Trouting the St. Joe near Avery, he caught his personal best 2.25-pound crappie on a fly in a little farm pond.

Napa Outdoors … a perfect portrayal. Here is a beautiful red-tailed hawk that the team at Napa Wildlife Rescue brought back to full strength and health as part of their on-going mission. Take a look and you’ll agree with them that “she is one of the most beautiful red-tails that any of us have ever seen…”

Do red-tails eat fish? Sure; check it out at

Jack Trout Fly Fishing … has your latest fly fishing adventures on tap and ready to go, right up to the Christmas Holidays. Then you can buy Jack Trout gift certificates for all the anglers you love. Look at Jack’s short list of trophy waters where his team guides in upcoming weeks: Upper and Lower Klamath, McCloud River, Upper and Lower Sacramento, Upper and Lower Feather, Trinity, Smith, Bahamas and Cuba. Gotta be one or two still on your bucket list. Call Jack at 530-926-4540 and tell him Ryan sent you. We have fished with Jack and also one of his up-and-coming young protégées – perfectly professional. By the way, Jack’s lovely wife, Carola, makes the best streamside lunches you’ll ever eat.

And, Closer To Home … our own Don Muelrath operates his Fly fishing Adventures right here in Napa. His short list of exotic places to fish and play just broadens your choice. How about Fishing the Paddocks in New Zealand. Or your own small private island just inside the Belize barrier reef, the second longest barrier reef on the planet. Lastly, add a 30-inch, 15-pound Alaskan rainbow for the finale. Find out all you need to know, before you go. Go onto where page one tells you “what we’re about.” It’s the perfect beginning of a long, fruitful fly fishing lifetime.

Follow-up On Local Waters … You should be flogging the Napa River for stripers right now, and looking for the first sturgeon to show up. Big stripers like live bait. All stripers like moving water. Stop in at Sweeney’s Sports on Imola to fill in the rest of the puzzle – lure, bait, fly choices, and some local hot spots. Send your photos of the big ones to me.

Other local action is scattered. Freshwater bass fishing is still grim. I wish I could tell you why and when it will improve, but I can’t. I am optimistic; Stan Press and I are booked to fish Clear Lake with guide Bob Myskey on Nov. 3. We’re hoping that colder water, shorter days, and using live jumbo minnows for bait – under a bobber – will unlock the puzzle. Stay tuned; better still, call Bob at 274-0373 and give it a try, too.

Call Fly Fishing Instructor and guide, Richard Loft at 294-4738 to see if there are some sections with flows that continue to attract and hold some feisty rainbows. He patrols the creek daily to stay up on the little differences that can make a day on the water with him a favorite memory.

Crappie, bluegills, other pan fish are all here for the taking. Gotta fish slow and slower with skinny light line and gear but it is a barrel of un for the millions of kids a year who start their fishing life catching them.

It’s not too early … to think about Holiday gift giving – and surprising all of the anglers on your list. It is a fun time selecting angling gear. Options range all the way from a little bag of weights or swivels for stocking toy gifts, to a week on the Amazon in Northern Brazil fishing for the beautiful and worthy peacock bass for that special woman or man. Please show me the most exotic ones you choose – and see them in the paper.

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