Make A Special Note Of These Six Local Organizations … Land Trust of Napa Valley, Friends of the Napa River, Napa-Solano Audubon, Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District, Napa Wildlife Rescue and the Napa County Resource Conservation District. All of them dedicated to make our outdoor lives better. As a member of the Napa County Wildlife Conservation Commission (NCWCC), I heard spokespersons for each present their grant request proposals.

Each was prepared, precise, professional and passionate about the organization’s mission and how our support would further their programs – for the benefit of all local citizens. They had honed their messages and were good on their feet.

Bottom line to me is that all of us who love and use the outdoors are served by these dedicated organizations and their members. For me, it’s not just fishing but the opportunity to fish in clean water that can support wildlife for my pleasure. Hunters, trekkers, bikers, birders, climbers, swimmers and those who just want to sit on the grass under a green tree are served as well.

Wait, there’s more. Every time you drink some sweet water, breath the fresh air, enjoys shade trees and babbling brooks, hear the call of a wild bird and smell fresh, wild native plants and flowers, or hear your granddaughter describe her new Napa Girls Outdoors (Napa GO) project, say “Thanks” to the hundreds of volunteer members of these organizations.

Even better, next time you hear these names, get involved, volunteer, support, donate.

I’m happy to report that the NCWCC took the lead Tuesday by funding each of the requests on your behalf.

Local Fishing Holes … are in full summer mode. Better fish early or late for best results. Hennessey and Berryessa are still good bass bets with a top water bite at day break. Stripers are fun on Sweeney’s cut bait from the bank on the Napa.

Clear Lake seems to be rounding back into shape after a funky spell. I’m seeing reports of 30-40 fish days with some 6-8 pounders in the mix. Call your favorite Clear Lake tackle shop or guide for regular updates. We’ll be on the water July 26-27 with pro guide, Bob Myskey (274-0373). I’m hoping for a top water explosion at daybreak and an afternoon frog bite when the water is hotter.

Bodega Bay … Salmon action stayed strong this past weekend. Old salts there tell us that conditions look good for coming weeks. Salmon found on krill in 42 fathoms as well as July being “go-time” for Bodega Bay salmon were cited as proof. Meanwhile, combo trips targeting rockfish, ling cod and king salmon will fill your bags, BBQ’s and freezers.

Over At The Gate ... the salmon bite slowed down after more than 10 days of hot action. Not unusual, but look for a pickup again with the next set of big tides.

The Bays … are showing some ups and downs in the halibut bite with some party boats going outside for coastal rockfish. The California Dawn (510-417-5557) hit both sides, scoring an impressive total of 268 rocks, 33 lings, six stripers and six halibut to 30 pounds.

California Delta … Here’s a pretty complete Delta report from Oakley’s Dan Mathisen of Dan’s Outdoors noted in the Hot Sheet.

“The summer pattern has taken over, and catfish are showing in better numbers around Isleton with sardines or chicken livers. A few trollers are working the Old Sacramento River with shallow-running P-Line Angry Eye Predator Minnows or Savage Gear Prey lures. Near Rio Vista, shore fishermen are picking up catfish or stripers with frozen shad or sardines around Three-Mile Slough and from the banks along Sherman Island Road. Smallmouth bass are taken with jigs or swimjigs in Steamboat Slough. Bait dunkers are picking up small keeper stripers from both boats and the banks as far west as Honker Bay back upriver to Broad Slough. Sturgeon fishermen are scarce, but there are still diamondbacks to be had in Broad Slough, Buoy 1, and the Pittsburg PGE Plant with sardines, lamprey eel, or salmon roe.”

You can call Dan at 925-234-4694.

Please Come Home Safely … from your exotic summer trips around the world. Recently I said that Boston’s “Global Rescue” will come and find members, patch them up and bring them home. That prompted a note from a reader telling me about a local Bay Area program named “Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance.” It is owned and operated by special operations veterans and Stanford physicians. In a profile of Ripcord, the Bay Area’s ABC7 called it “travel insurance on steroids.”

Check ‘em out at You know that I always like to support our own local businesses.

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