Consolation Semifinals

St. Catherine’s 47, St. Apollinaris 38— Top scorers: Ryan Villaseran (St. Catherine’s) 17, Carl Reyes (St. Catherine’s) 11, Connor Bacci (St. Apollinaris) 18, James Bickford (St. Apollinaris) 9

St. Vincent’s 49, Holy Spirit 41 — Top scorers: Ray Nadonza (St. Vincent’s) 14, Chris Stinchcomb (St. Vincent’s) 10, Deo Boongaling (St. Vincent’s) 10, Eric Herwatt (Holy Spirit) 16, Christian Diaz (Holy Spirit) 12

Championship Semifinals

St. Basil’s 48, Boys & Girls Club 45 — Top scorers: Nick Carmichael (St. Basil’s) 14, Josh Cruz (St. Basil’s) 14, Zach Cassner (Boys & Girls Club) 19, Jake Slavonia (Boys & Girls Club) 9

St. Francis Solano 41, St. John’s Lutheran 40 (OT) — Top scorers: St. Francis Solano – Reece Boles (St. Francis Solano) 24, Shane Lounibos (St. Francis Solano) 6, Colton Forster (St. John’s Lutheran) 17, Jacob Cremen (St. John’s Lutheran) 10



Consolation Semi-Finals

Soroptimist 35, Holy Spirit 21 — Top scorers: Adlee Van Winden (Soroptimist) 10, Rachel Beshire (Soroptimist) 8, Isabelle Casilang (Holy Spirit) 11

St. John’s Catholic 41, St. Catherine’s 20 — Top scorers: Sam Glasson (St. John’s Catholic) 16, Emma Schulman (St. John’s Catholic) 14, Lauren DeGuzman (St. Catherine’s) 9, Kelly Dennis (St. Catherine’s) 5


Championship Semifinals

St. Apollinaris 33, St. Basil’s 25 — Top scorers: Alisyn Slinsen (St. Apollinaris) 16,  Tyler Brown (St. Basil’s) 19

St. John’s Lutheran 44, St. Rose 33 — Top scorers: Madison Van Zandt (St. John’s Lutheran) 16, Taylor Moss (St. John’s Lutheran) 16, Morgan Malloy (St. John’s Lutheran) 12, Kylie Oden (St. Rose) 12, Julia Bertolero (St. Rose) 8

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