After 22 years at Chappellet Vineyard & Winery, Jon-Mark Chappellet is leaving the day-to-day operations of the family business to pursue other entrepreneurial passions.

Chappellet said he looks forward to leveraging the industry experience gained at Chappellet, exercising his business and leadership skills, and pursuing his enthusiasm for agriculture and sustainability, while “scratching the entrepreneurship itch” he inherited from his father, Donn, as new ventures unfold.

Throughout his 22-year tenure, Chappellet helped generate significant growth, serving important roles in financial management, sales and marketing, brand development, sustainability, quality control and facilities management.

Growing up at the iconic Napa Valley estate, Chappellet could be found helping his father in the winery, hand-labeling bottles and packing cases. As he grew older, work moved to the vineyard, where he was clearing rocks and hoeing weeds. Working closely with his father, he learned the wine business from the ground up.

He was also influenced by his mother’s love of gardening; he helped Molly Chappellet in the now-legendary family garden, growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables. Through his parents’ examples, he said he early-on developed an entrepreneurial spirit, a talent for envisioning possibilities and achieving them, and a lifelong love of the land and the environment.

After graduating from UC Berkeley with an environmental science degree, Jon-Mark pursued teaching until he was asked to return to the family business.

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Whineville Resident

Whatever he chooses to do, and there will be many opportunities, we know that it will be dynamic and that he will be successful.

Mark Dahn

Is that a news story or a resume?


A smart guy like Jon-Mark with his business and leadership skills would be welcomed globally.

We'd love to have him in our organization as would many others.

He's probably is taken.

Good Luck to you Jon-Mark!

Napa Valley Marijuana Growers

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