The Napa Valley Vintners will host Premiere Napa Valley on Saturday, Feb. 23 and the portfolio of coveted “beyond boutique” wines will be offered for sale during that day’s auction.

The event, which includes barrel tastings in the morning and an auction in the afternoon will be held at the Culinary Institute of America, Greystone. The event is open only to members of the wine trade.

“With more than 200 Napa Valley wineries and winemakers showing Premiere Napa Valley wines this year, there are many rare opportunities to acquire unique wines that are truly yours and yours alone and to own a piece of Napa Valley’s wine history,” said Steve Reynolds, Reynolds Family Winery and chair of Premiere Napa Valley 2013.

Premiere Napa Valley showcases wines crafted solely for this event, in as few as 60 and never more than 240 bottles, making them exceptional expressions of the Napa Valley winemaker’s passions, talents and creativity. “We design the Premiere Napa Valley wines as a piece of art, unique and never to be replicated,” said Denis Malbec, winemaker at Blankiet Estate.

Consumers looking to enhance their wine cellars can be part of the action with two options: wines that have already been released from previous auctions are noted on the Premiere Napa Valley website with the wine seller’s information to contact them directly to purchase.

Additionally, consumers interested in purchasing the wine futures in the 2013 auction can contact their favorite retailer to bid on these offerings on their behalf in February.

To get the sweep of the one-of-a-kind stories that go into the bottles of Premiere Napa Valley wines, and to hear from some of the valley’s celebrated winemakers on what Premiere Napa Valley means to them, visit


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