Napa City Hall
J.L. Sousa, Register file photo

Pay raises for top Napa staff

The new year will bring higher pay to directors and staff in Napa city government, with raises also coming to the City Council later in 2018.

Council members recently approved a two-year pact increasing salaries by 3.5 percent during calendar 2018, and again by 3 percent in 2019. They also passed a 5 percent raise for the mayor and council positions – the maximum allowed under California law – although those hikes will not take effect until after the November election.

Administrators, managers and professional staff all will benefit, as will the executives who lead local law enforcement, fire protection, public works and other basic services.

With the 2018 raises, the Napa city manager’s minimum yearly salary would rise to $183,578 and could reach $221,803.

Pay would increase to at least $173,963 for the police chief, $175,770 for the fire chief and $154,116 for the director of public works, among other departments.

Meanwhile, Napa’s elected officials will wait their turn until November, when City Council members will see their $16,404 salaries bumped to $17,220. The mayor’s pay, currently $32,808, will move to $34,440. No changes to benefits were included in the package.

All of the pay increases for elected officials and staff have been accounted for in Napa’s current two-year budget, which allots city spending through June 2019, according to a staff report.