Tuesday, Dec. 26

0942 — A car was parked on a sidewalk on Oak Avenue.

0945 — Report of cars parked in front of a house on Meadowcreek Circle for about a week.

1124 — An officer found graffiti on a building on Monte Vista Avenue.

1333 — Medical aid for a man with abdominal pains outside a restaurant near Main/Pratt.

Wednesday, Dec. 27

1059 — Report of a woman digging through a recycling bin on North Crane Avenue.

1157 — Report of a truck parked on Hudson Avenue for three days. It doesn’t belong to any of the neighbors.

1302 — A necklace was found near Main/Adams.

1345 — Report of an ongoing problem with a dog barking on Mitchell Drive. The caller had talked to its owner and was asking police for suggestions.

Thursday, Dec. 28

0144 — Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

0704 — Following a traffic stop at Adams/Railroad, police cited a 29-year-old Rohnert Park woman for a misdemeanor warrant from Sonoma County.

0956 — Report of an abandoned car parked on Adams Street for a week.

1150 — Police picked up a black lab with a red collar found on Tainter Street.

1401 — An officer passed out ice cream gift certificates to kids who were wearing their helmets while cycling.

1459 — Police received several calls on Tuesday and Wednesday inquiring about helicopters hovering over the west side of town. They are related to PG&E work in the area.

1516 — A Pine Street resident received a package on their porch that had blood on it. The resident contacted the postal service to see if a delivery person had cut their hand, and the answer was no. There was blood on the porch, the outside walls of the house, and the package.

2123 — An officer heard fireworks near Grayson Avenue.

Friday, Dec. 29

1536 — Report of smoke coming from the side of a tanker truck on northbound Highway 29 in Rutherford.

1606 — Medical aid for an elderly woman with flu-like symptoms on Pope Street.

1728 — Report of a possible drunk driver last seen on Grayson Avenue.

2337 — A woman said she’d been refueling at a Main Street gas station at about 8 p.m. when she was approached by five men with skateboards. One of them complimented her clothing and seemed to be using his cell phone camera. She was concerned that he might be trying to get a clear picture of her credit card info, so she covered the card with her hand.

Saturday, Dec. 30

1928 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Main Street.

Sunday, Dec. 31

1156 — Medical aid for a woman who fell and broke her leg on Pope Street.

1832 — Report of an unsafe bonfire outside someone’s house on Crane Avenue.

1840 — A caller on Sanitarium Road reported being threatened by 7-10 people with shovels, bats and possibly an ax.

1959 — Medical aid for a 2-month-old having trouble breathing on Grayson Avenue.

Monday, Jan. 1

0734 — Following a traffic stop at Main/El Bonita, police cited someone for driving with a suspended/revoked license.