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Monday, Feb. 26

1827 — Non-injury hit-and-run on Grayson Avenue.

1919 — Medical aid on Madrona Avenue.

Tuesday, Feb. 27

0058 — A resident asked for a ride to the hospital to have a cyst on his shoulder looked at. He said that if an officer cannot take him up, he’d like to have an ambulance summoned. Dispatch said medical units wouldn’t be called out for a cyst. An officer gave the man a ride home.

0858 — A caller asked for extra traffic patrol on Fulton Lane, due to contractors speeding up and down the road during commute hours.

1256 — A washing machine with a “Free” sign has been sitting on Stockton Street for at least a week. The caller said it was becoming an eyesore.

1414 — Medical aid for an unconscious man in a Railroad Avenue parking lot.

1700 — Medical aid for an elderly woman with arm pain and extremely high blood pressure on Hunt Avenue.

1950 — Report of a suspicious car parked in the driveway of a house that should be empty. Police checked the area.

2011 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Voorhees Circle.

2315 — Report of a suspicious man who frequently stands outside of a house on Edwards Street. He plays music on his iPad and dances around in the street. Police checked the area.

Wednesday, Feb. 28

0536 — Medical aid for a possible allergic reaction on Mitchell Drive.

0954 — Medical aid on Voorhees Circle.

1152 — Report of two fires outside of town. Cal Fire said it was a permissible burn day, so they were probably controlled burns.

1240 — Police received a third-hand report of possible ICE activity on Vintage Avenue and immediately sent an officer to investigate. As far as police could determine, ICE was not there and hadn’t been there. Police didn’t receive any other reports regarding ICE.

1454 — Report of a boy wandering by himself on the Pope Street bridge.

1636 — Medical aid for a person who was hit by a car at Main/Adams.

1652 — A car parked on Spring Street was damaged in a non-injury hit-and-run sometime between Friday and Wednesday.

2045 — The fire department responded to a non-injury lift assist on Pope Street.

2049 — A loud noise was coming from a vent in the northwest corner of a yard on Signorelli Circle. A neighbor was concerned, since nobody was home.

Thursday, March 1

1432 — A car’s bumper was damaged in a non-injury hit-and-run at Oak/Pine.

1711 — Report of cones blocking parking spaces outside some apartments on Pope Street.

1927 — Report of a reckless driver tailgating and weaving on northbound Highway 29 in Rutherford.

2107 — Someone moved some furniture on the porch of a Mitchell Drive home.

Friday, March 2

0146 — Following a traffic stop at Main/Fulton, police arrested a 24-year-old Nostrand, New York resident on suspicion of DUI.

1113 — Medical aid on Del Campo Court.

1533 — A caller said his neighbor’s guest was threatening to “show him what’s up” and telling him to “come out front.” The caller said he was on his deck talking to a friend when the other man called him out for no reason. He said the man might be drunk or on drugs. The man was gone when police arrived.

2211 — The railroad lights at Mills Lane were flashing red, but the arms weren’t down. Police contacted the railroad police.

2336 — Medical aid for a woman who fell from the third story of a Railroad Avenue building.

Saturday, March 3

0542 — Report of two people shouting at some Pope Street apartments.

0902 — Medical aid for an elderly fall victim on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

1745 — Medical aid for an intoxicated woman who fell and hit her head on Main Street.

Sunday, March 4

0041 — Following a traffic stop on Main Street, police arrested a 37-year-old Pomona woman for an outstanding warrant.

1009 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Pope Street.

1313 — Report of a suspicious man sitting in a parked car on Fulton Lane.

2114 — Medical aid for a woman having trouble breathing on Hunt Avenue.

2355 — The sheriff’s office asked St. Helena police to help search for a man who’d been trespassing at a south St. Helena winery. He was last seen leaving the winery on foot after security told him to leave.

Monday, March 5

0041 — Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

0117 — Report of two suspicious people crouching down next to a car on Main Street near Elmhurst Avenue.

0404 — Report of a big rig parked in the northbound lane of Highway 29 near Main/Chaix, forcing traffic to use the center lane to get around it. It was gone when police arrived.

0542 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Main Street.

0903 — Report of construction trucks unloading sand on Vineyard Avenue and blocking the view of residents who want to exit their driveways.

1038 — Following a traffic stop at Highway 29 and Lodi Lane, police arrested a 48-year-old St. Helena woman on suspicion of driving without registration and resisting arrest.

1305 — Non-injury accident on Main Street.