Tuesday, Feb. 6

0647 — Medical aid for a man with an injured arm on San Juan Court.

0803 — A red banner with the words “Fart Central” was placed where a statue used to be near Main Street.

1408 — A loose dog was reunited with its owner at Meily Park.

1623 — Report of cars speeding on Crane Avenue.

2030 — Non-injury hit-and-run in a Main Street parking lot.

2119 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a man suspected of stealing someone’s wallet in Calistoga. He was last seen getting on a bus en route to St. Helena. He was wearing dark brown boots and a dark brown fedora hat.

2229 — Multiple callers reported two cars burning rubber in the Allison/Mariposa/Pope area. One caller said the cars started near his home, where he heard a young woman tell one of the drivers, “OK, don’t get caught.” One car was a dark Mustang and the other resembled a Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Wednesday, Feb. 7

0110 — An officer contacted two men at Lewis Station Park after hours. One of them matched the description of the suspected wallet thief police had been looking for. Police notified the Calistoga Police Department and arrested one of the men on suspicion of violation of probation, providing false identification to a police officer, possession of drug paraphernalia, and an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court on drug charges.

0344 — Police asked Public Works to clear a dead raccoon from Pope/Church first thing in the morning.

1427 — Medical aid for a man with pneumonia on Hunt Avenue.

1532 — Police conducted traffic control in the Crane/Sulphur Springs area.

1628 — Report of cars speeding near Main/Madrona and Main/Crinella right after school gets out. The caller said a child almost got hit in a crosswalk.

Thursday, Feb. 8

0836 — A neighbor complained of unbearable construction noise next door.

0857 — A caller said his car windows were down this morning on McCorkle Avenue, and he hadn’t left them that way. Nothing seemed to have been stolen. He asked police for extra patrol.

1403 — Following up on a previous report, police arrested a 53-year-old St. Helena woman on suspicion of elder abuse.

1802 — Report of a scam involving a fake PG&E representative who asks for gift cards to settle an unpaid bill.

Friday, Feb. 9

0938 — Report of a black Mercedes parked in the middle of Hillview Place.

1201 — Medical aid for a student who fell from some monkey bars on College Avenue.

1205 — Someone was yelling obscenities from a red Chevy Silverado on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

1643 — A caller said being threatened by their brother, who lives out of state. The sibling was given information about restraining orders and urged to call the police if their brother arrives at their house.

2205 — Following a traffic stop at Silverado/Pope, police arrested a 59-year-old Napa man on suspicion of DUI.

Saturday, Feb. 10

0407 — An officer found vandalism at Lyman Park and Lewis Station Park.

0920 — Someone was using a leaf blower on Stockton Street outside of the allowed hours.

1347 — Jewelry was reported missing from a Main Street hotel.

1439 — A caller reported losing her Kindle Fire after accidentally leaving it on the top of her car.

1500 — Report of a blue Plymouth speeding and swerving near Highway 128 and Highway 29.

1857 — A sprinkler had been flooding for two or three hours on a Hunt Avenue property.

2156 — Report of loud music on Stockton Street. There was a second complaint less than an hour later.

Sunday, Feb. 11

0023 — A driver reported almost being T-boned by a reckless driver with one headlight out on Yountville Cross Road.

0045 — Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

0114 — Report of two kids looking straight into a house on Rosebud Lane.

1323 — Non-injury accident on Hunt Avenue.

1556 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a man with a felony warrant who might be living in St. Helena.

1648 — Police were notified of a child custody issue on Rosebud Lane.

2128 — Report of a suspicious man appearing to hide behind a tree near the elementary school. He was last seen walking toward and into the school. He was stocky and fairly tall, wearing dark clothing. Police checked the area.

Monday, Feb. 12

0813 — Report of a reckless driver in a white pickup swerving over the centerline near Main/Madrona. An officer stopped the truck and gave the driver a warning.