Wednesday, Jan. 24

0929 — Report of several cars parked on Church Street for a very long time.

1005 — Report of a suspicious man smoking cigarettes in a car parked on Wallis Court.

1654 — Police were notified of a possible drunk driver near Main/El Bonita.

1836 — A parked car sustained some minor damage as another driver was trying to parallel park on Main Street.

Thursday, Jan. 25

0842 — Medical aid on Crinella Drive.

1530 — Report of a reckless driver weaving and crossing over double yellow lines near Main/Madrona.

1614 — A resident said doorbell ditching by local kids has become a nuisance. The resident didn’t request a police response, but wanted the schools to be notified of the problem so they can tell the kids to stop.

Friday, Jan. 26

0857 — Minor-injury accident on Grayson Avenue.

0908 — Non-injury accident at Oak/Madrona.

1000 — Report of someone using an illegal leaf blower on Stockton Street.

1028 — Medical aid for an unconscious woman on Charter Oak Avenue.

1141 — A Spring Street resident said he doesn’t feel safe doing yard work in front of his house because of all the speeding cars.

1343 — Roscoe, a 95-pound black lab wearing a red collar, was reported missing from Hudson Avenue.

1435 — Police responded to a barking dog complaint on Mitchell Drive.

1445 — A credit card owner contacted a local business regarded fraudulent charges that were linked to a customer who purchased a massage and lunch on Tuesday. The business has images of the suspect on video. Police took a fraud report.

1458 — A caller requested extra traffic control on Crane Avenue due to speeding cars.

1538 — Report of a motorhome parked on Madrona Avenue for a long time.

1734 — Non-injury accident on Hunt Avenue.

Saturday, Jan. 27

0437 — An officer found three cases of vandalism while on foot patrol on Main Street.

2352 — Report of a car weaving on northbound Main Street near Charter Oak Avenue.

Sunday, Jan. 28

0049 — Following a traffic stop at Main/Vintage, police arrested a 41-year-old South Pasadena man on suspicion of DUI.

0504 — Report of a verbal disturbance between two men on Fulton Lane. Police arrested a 22-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of domestic violence and DUI.

0735 — Medical aid on Voorhees Circle.

1058 — Report of a reckless driver passing over double yellows on Silverado Trail near Skellenger Lane. Police notified the CHP.

1711 — Police received a noise complaint involving the dirt bike track built within city limits right across from Madrona Avenue.

1933 — An officer found graffiti on a Main Street building.

2231 — A man came into the police department asking for help finding a friend he was hoping would pay his cab fare of approximately $300. Police confirmed the man had a warrant for his arrest for drug possession, so they arrested him for the warrant and a new charge of petty theft.

Monday, Jan. 29

0824 — Graffiti was found on a light box near College Avenue.

0854 — Five German shepherds were reportedly wandering around near Main/Deer Park.

0855 — Fire and police units responded to a vehicle fire on Dean York Lane. The fire was put out and prevented from spreading to a nearby house. A tow truck was called to remove the vehicle.

1128 — Police cited a car parked in a red zone near Adams/Oak.

1309 — Graffiti was found on the south side of a Main Street building.

1818 — Someone reported being threatened via social media.

1952 — Report of a son causing problems and arguing with his father on Pope Street.

Tuesday, Jan. 30

0328 — An officer found wet graffiti behind a downtown building. The officer checked the area in an effort to find the vandal, but was unsuccessful.