Tuesday, Nov. 28

2004 — Report of a Tesla speeding on Mitchell Drive. When the caller tried to slow him down by shining a flashlight at him, the driver got mad and yelled at him.

2209 — A Park Street resident was the victim of an online scam. She was asked to update the spyware protection on her computer, so she followed the prompts and got on the phone with someone who turned out to be a scammer. The scammer was able to access her web searches, find out where she’d been doing her online shopping, and obtain her credit card information. The scammer also changed all of her passwords for her online shopping accounts.

Wednesday, Nov. 29

0751 — The manager of a Main Street hotel asked for help removing an employee who was refusing to leave.

0904 — Report of a parked truck sticking out into Main Street at Crinella Drive.

0938 — A brown mid-sized dog wearing a purple plaid sweater was seen running down Library Lane toward Adams Street.

1217 — A local winery accepted a wine order, but as the order was being processed the winery learned the credit card was fraudulent. The winery is outside the city limits, so a sheriff’s deputy took a report.

1258 — A county resident asked for a deputy to talk to her regarding posts on social media.

1613 — A man entered a Main Street bank on Tuesday and tried to cash a check with a fake ID. While waiting for verification, he left the bank, leaving the ID behind. Police took a report.

Thursday, Nov. 30

1208 — Medical aid on San Juan Court.

1259 — A resident said he’d gotten locked out of the laundromat and would like to retrieve his clothes. He said he left the building for a few minutes, and when he came back the doors were locked.

1651 — Report of a drunk or reckless driver at Silverado Trail and Taplin Road.

1742 — A collared and microchipped male bloodhound was reported missing after jumping out of a truck on Chiles Pope Valley Road. Merle is liver- and tan-colored, and 18 months old.

Friday, Dec. 1

0142 — A man was refusing to leave a Hunt Avenue store. He left before police arrived.

0152 — Following a traffic stop at Charter Oak/Main, police arrested a 49-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of DUI.

1121 — Report of a reckless/drunk driver weaving all over Highway 29 and almost colliding with oncoming traffic near Charter Oak Avenue.

1645 — Pedestrians were reportedly vandalizing hedges on Oak Avenue. A package that had been delivered to the same address was reported missing. It was unknown whether the incidents were related.

2114 — A single shot was heard on Madrona Avenue.

Saturday, Dec. 2

1209 — Report of a car blocking a driveway on Main Street.

1430 — Police picked up an abandoned bike that was found on Main Street.

2037 — Non-injury accident on Main Street.

2306 — Non-injury accident involved a parked car on Pope Street.

2341 — Report of a car weaving and traveling at erratic speeds on Main Street.

Sunday, Dec. 3

0955 — Report of a car blocking a crosswalk at Main/Hunt.

1700 — A caller complained about cars speeding on Pope Street.

1938 — An emergency room patient said his brother’s friend had punched him in the face multiple times after a verbal argument. Police took a report.

Monday, Dec. 4

0730 — A caller reported that men were digging holes in front of the caller’s property on Spring Street. When the caller asked them who they were working for, they wouldn’t say. The caller wanted an officer to talk to them and see what their intentions are.

1152 — Report of tree branches blocking both lanes of traffic in the 1300 block of Allyn Avenue.

1202 — Report of an electrical wire hanging down on Crinella Drive.

1212 — Multiple callers reported a railroad crossing arm down.

1248 — Report of a limb in the road on a dangerous turn on Spring Mountain Road south of Langtree Road.

1256 — Report of a six-foot metal piece about to fall at the top of a Main Street building.

1258 — A child was claiming he was hit by his mother with a shoe.

1302 — A dark blue Alaska Airlines Visa card was reported missing. It might have been dropped somewhere on Main Street.

1323 — Report of lines down on Zinfandel Lane.

1326 — A caller asked police to pick up a brown chihuahua on Voorhees Circle because its owners don’t seem to be caring for it.

1419 — Report of two suspicious Hispanic males idling by a black Oldsmobile at a Main Street gas station. They were not pumping gas.