Sunday, Nov. 5

2039 -- Report of a suspicious red truck on Hillview Place.

Monday, Nov. 6

0345 -- A cell phone was found on Main Street.

0815 -- Non-injury lift assist on Crinella Drive.

1044 -- Police received a report of suspected child abuse.

1126 -- Police cited a car parked in a blue zone on Main Street without a handicapped placard.

1128 -- A mother was concerned that her daughter was being harassed by a friend.

1158 -- Police cited a car parked in a blue zone on Hunt Avenue without a handicapped placard.

1317 -- A woman asked police to check on her elderly stepmother, whom she hadn’t heard from in a while. Police made sure the stepmother was OK.

1437 -- Report of a son being aggressive and hitting walls on Main Street. Officers have dealt with the issue in the past. The son was taken to the hospital with a police escort.

1522 -- Medicine was reported stolen from a Pope Street residence.

1533 -- Police found a car parked in a red zone at Adams/Oak.

1730 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Main Street.

1914 -- A Voorhees Circle resident got locked out of his house.

Tuesday, Nov. 7

0948 -- Medical aid on Del Campo Court.

1022 -- Calistoga police said to be on the lookout for a reckless driver on southbound Highway 29. St. Helena police stopped the car on Main Street.

1112 -- A business owner said pedestrians were being forced to walk into the street due to construction on the sidewalk near Main/Adams.

1146 -- Medical aid on Crinella Drive.

1150 -- Police cited a car parked along a red curb at Church/Pope.

1604 -- Medical aid on Adams Street for a woman having a hard time breathing.

1817 -- Medical aid on Meadowcreek Circle.

1824 -- One car was left disabled after a non-injury accident at Grayson/Main.

2215 -- Medical aid for a woman passed out in a car on Hunt Avenue.

Wednesday, Nov. 8

0245 -- Medical aid for a man who sprained his ankle on Library Lane.

0610 -- The police and fire departments investigated a mild gas odor near Vineyard/Madrona.

0836 -- Two callers reported a woman walking north in the center turn lane of Main Street near Sulphur Springs Avenue.

0840 -- Machinery and garden equipment were stolen from a shed on Madrona Avenue.

0847 -- A caller was concerned about a possible fire hazard posed by people who sit at the benches on Meadowcreek Circle and smoke. The benches are surrounded by dry leaves.

0919 -- Report of a bicycle verus car accident on Main Street in south St. Helena. The cyclist was reportedly trying to walk away.

0923 -- A person asked to file an identity theft report.

0924 -- Someone cut the locks on the news racks at Oak/Adams.

1224 -- Medical aid for a woman who’d fainted and was having trouble breathing on Pine Street.

1307 -- Medical aid for a woman in extreme pain on Spring Street.

1430 -- Someone turned in a dark green backpack and a wallet containing $1,200, which had been found in a parking lot in Napa. Dispatch notified Napa police and contacted the owner, who said the property had been stolen from Vallejo earlier in the day. A laptop computer was missing from the backpack. The owner made plans to claim the rest of the stolen property.

1512 -- Report of a vehicle into a pole near Main/Pratt. Police found the car on the southbound shoulder of the road. The driver had run out of gas. Police cited the driver for having an open container of alcohol.

1646 -- Report of a driver swerving all over the road near Silverado Trail and Deer Park Road.

Thursday, Nov. 9

1324 -- Police were asked to check on a student who was taken out of school due to supposedly moving out of the area. However, the school hadn’t received any documentation to confirm the student’s move, and a school employee had just seen the student this morning near Grayson/Main.

1550 -- A caller requested extra patrol at Crane/Sulphur Springs because people were speeding.

2023 -- Medical aid on Main Street.

Friday, Nov. 10

0013 -- A car and trailer at La Fata/Dowdell were towed for expired registration.

0737 -- Report of a major water leak on Vintage Avenue.

1053 -- A car was scratched by a truck and trailer on Spring Street. The driver who was responsible left a note with his information.

1301 -- Medical aid for a woman who briefly passed out in a Main Street restaurant.

1957 -- A man reportedly fell on Main Street near Charter Oak Avenue. He was trying to walk away but passersby were asking him to wait for medical help to check him out.

Saturday, Nov. 11

0017 -- A woman in a disabled car asked for help.

0814 -- Police served a warrant on Monte Vista and arrested a 33-year-old St. Helena resident for warrants involving stalking and DUI.

0858 -- Report of a white dog running around Sylvaner Avenue.

1706 -- An animal control official from Carmel contacted St. Helena police about a St. Helena dog that bit someone in Carmel. The official asked police to get hold of the dogs’ owners and have them fill out quarantine paperwork.

1729 -- Report of a reckless driver tailgating and flashing their lights near Rutherford.

1933 -- Non-injury fender-bender at Main/Hunt.

2222 -- A man was heard screaming at a woman on Pope Street. Police arrested the 21-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of domestic battery.

2251 -- Report of two people lying on the sidewalk near Pratt/Main.

2258 -- Police responded to a noise disturbance involving live music near Fulton/Railroad.

Sunday, Nov. 12

0032 -- Police responded to a loud music complaint on Chiles Avenue.

1158 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Silverado Trail.

1417 -- A wallet was found on Chiles Avenue.

1601 -- Report of a chihuahua running around Rutherford. Police referred the caller to the sheriff’s office.

1725 -- A resident of the Veterans Home in Yountville asked for help getting home after missing his bus.

Monday, Nov. 13

0824 -- Non-injury accident partially blocking both lanes of Hillview Place. One driver had reportedly run a stop sign.

1326 -- A truck was parked at a school bus stop on Adams Street.

1336 -- Medical aid on Voorhees Circle.

1537 -- Report of a car parked on Main Street with two of its wheels up on the sidewalk.

1616 -- Report of suspicious people in two trucks on Railroad Avenue.