Editor: On May 15 two noteworthy events happened in our city: the reopening of the newly renovated Cameo Cinema on its 100th birthday and the world premiere of a stunningly beautiful 40-minute documentary film, “Napa Valley Dreams.” What were you doing?

This film is nothing short of a jewel! I was overwhelmed by the way the filmmakers captured the soil and soul of our valley and some of its people. It is a brilliant visual feast celebrating our own backyard. Years ago I was awestruck seeing Napa Valley for the first time. The film made me see it again like that first time. It is so beautiful I was brought to tears by the magnificent sights. It was a reminder of how lucky and graced I am to live here, and if I didn’t live here, I would wish I did.

There were so many things I never knew existed, like real Napa Valley cowboys on horses, a zip line and a painting at the Hess Collection so real that I thought it was a real person. I am so excited about this film that I ask everyone I run into if they have seen it. Sadly, many people I have spoken to have not even heard of it, let alone seen it. Honestly, it’s a real shame. It is a homegrown film by local filmmakers Rodney Vance, John Tagamolila and Chris Rusin.

Do yourself a favor. Grab your friends and family and anyone else you know and treat yourselves to a non-fattening smorgasbord. It’s an experience you won’t regret. Currently running at the Cameo, Thursday through Saturday between 10 and 1.

I can’t wait to see it again! See you at the movies.

Tina Goodrich

St. Helena


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