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Let this sink in: the U.S. population is around 325 million. Depending on who you believe, the women's march totals are between 1 million and 2 million, not counting those who could not march. That means one out of about 200-300 U.S. citizens are so pissed that they gave up a weekend, made signs or costumes, paid to travel, and stood or marched for hours to protest a president.

If I were a politician, I would be listening because that level of grassroots unrest will result in change.

Elected officials that do not understand the message or are unclear about what these protesters must schedule meetings with the organizers, regardless of political affiliation.

This is not a partisan thing; both parties need fundamental changes to ethics and values. There is significant cause for concern in our current political climate: the restoration of voting integrity, gerrymandering, the failed Electoral College, which was supposed to protect us from an unfit presidential candidate, and foreign interference in U.S. governance.

Elected officials must get their act together or get voted out.

Loran May