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“Hunter project faces another delay” reads the headline in the St. Helena Star on July 13, 2017. That started me thinking that I like this delay:

- A delay of when 350 plus or minus new residents share our water supply and stretch the already burdened water treatment plant.

- A delay of when the Clover Flat Landfill (already visible from the Silverado Trail) is full and our garbage has to be trucked to far locations.

- A delay in when houses facing south from Hunt look at backyards instead of Mount St. Helena.

- A delay in complaints by Hunter’s new residents about vineyard operations nearby.

- A delay in when Adams Street connects to Starr and Pope Street, allowing trucks and other traffic to shortcut to the Pope Street Bridge through these neighborhoods.

- A delay in when the 1894 Pope Street Bridge (on the National Register of Historic Places) is demolished and replaced with a freeway ramp.

- A delay in eliminating the car free tranquility of the walking path east from the library to the river.

- A delay in not being able to find a parking place at the grocery store.

I love that kind of delay!

Mariam Hansen

St. Helena