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The group Citizens Pursuing Representation in St. Helena (CPR St. Helena) is planning to hold a third and final forum with Mayor Galbraith on Monday Feb. 26 at 6 p.m. at the Native Sons Hall, 1313 Spring St. We invite the public to attend.

During this forum we will be discussing the topic of “Due Process” with the Mayor. Specifically, we plan to engage Mayor Galbraith on his decision-making process as it relates to prioritizing civic tasks and setting the agenda to address our town’s progress, growth, and direction.

As with our previous meetings on Water Rates and Financial Oversight, our focus is on highlighting matters where we feel the Mayor’s leadership and management style could better serve our city if he were more inclusive of public input and differing views in the decision-making process. This can lead to a challenging version of facts as we saw in the first two forums, however overall, we believe the city will benefit from the collective insight and opinions of the broader community.

These meetings were never intended as a vilification of the Mayor, but rather as a platform to encourage Mayor Galbraith to look beyond his tendency to take unwavering positions without greater consideration from constituents. Supporting the sale and development of the Adams Street property and advocating for the highest water rates in the North Bay are just two decisions where we believe greater public input could lead us to better and more innovative solutions.

As we move forward as a community and address subjects such as economic and commercial development, tourism, zoning, traffic, and quality of life issues, we believe including the voices of many will lead to a better vision for our future. Please attend our next forum and visit our website at

Peter Scott

St. Helena