Despite my having a prominent “No Recall” sign in my yard, I found a hanger on my front door, urging me to support the recall.

This recall effort is the silliest idea in a long time. It is a waste of money and effort. Do these people not realize there will be a mayoral election (plus two council positions) less than 12 months from now?

The attempt to recall the mayor, or any single council member, is also silly because those urging this effort fail to realize policy for St. Helena is always decided by at least three council votes. The mayor does not set policy single-handedly. Every one of the policy matters complained about was set by at least three members of the council.

Additional silliness is the failure to name an alternative. In the unlikely event a recall effort were successful, St. Helena would have only four council members, virtually assuring a 2-2 tie on controversial matters. A tie means no action.

So, is “silly” the correct adjective to use? Pick one: misguided, ill-considered, wasteful, unnecessary, foolish, thoughtless. Prudent it is not.

Jay Greene

St. Helena