Regarding Todd Miller’s recent letter in the Star ("Unexpected victims of St. Helena's fire siren," Nov. 23), his frightened Calistoga guests could not have lived in that community very long as Calistoga had a fire siren since the 1920s, along with a daily noon siren, both of which were discontinued a few years ago because “the siren scares the tourists.” His friends may soon learn that a group of fellow Calistogans is interested in digging the old siren out of mothballs and re-erecting it in case of a future disaster of some sort.

Indeed, local fire officials stated that, had the fire imperiled St. Helena, our siren would have sounded over and over again to warn the populace.

The thought has been expressed that if Coffey Park had installed an emergency siren system people might have had a bit more time to gather precious items and pets before fleeing their homes.

For myself, I thank God for the brave men and women who lay their lives on the line for all of us in this special community every time I hear the sirens.

Wendy Johnson

St. Helena