All 28 members of St. Helena Volunteer Fire Department are committed to protecting life and property in St. Helena and the surrounding community.

Our members are your friends, neighbors and business associates. They are also dedicated community members who gave up their time responding to over 800 emergency calls in 2016 and over an estimated 900 emergency calls in 2017. These great citizens are our first responders for all accidents, fires, emergency medical aid and assistance for the elderly.

During the recent fires that devastated Napa and Sonoma counties with the destruction of more than 8,000 structures and the loss of 43 lives, your firefighters answered the call. St. Helena Fire Department worked tirelessly to combat the Tubbs, Nuns and Atlas Peak Fires. Over 10 days, many worked over 48 hours with no rest or sleep. In addition, the station was staffed in 24-hour shifts for the duration of this disastrous event. Going beyond our city limits, St. Helena Fire Department sent three engines and one task force leader to defend the evacuated City of Calistoga from the oncoming blaze.

Our firefighters provide these invaluable response services as volunteers. It is very unique that St. Helena is able to maintain a volunteer firefighter team that relieves the budgetary burdens of a full-time career fire department. But we would not be able to operate as a volunteer response department without the financial assistance from our community residents and business owners.

St. Helena Volunteer Fire Department is dependent on your generous contributions to sustain our work. Your support ensures that our department is able to maintain the highest level of training and safety standards for our community.

Once a year, we ask each resident, business and property owner to make a vital financial contribution. You may contribute online at or by sending a check to St. Helena Volunteer Fire Department, P.O. Box 266, St. Helena, CA 94574.

Thank you in advance for supporting our incredible community and your St. Helena Volunteer Fire Department. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones and homes during these fires.

Fire Chief John K. Sorensen

St. Helena