Oxbow Public Market

Artists Patricia Vader, right, and Joe Bologna are pictured here installing an artwork called "Spring Bouquet" near the Oxbow Public Market. 

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Art ??? I dont get it.
It looks ridiculous, just like most of the junk passed off for art I have seen from this art stearing committee. I say get them out of the business of picking our art and disband that group of clowns sooner not later. I have talked to so many people who most of say the exact same thing. These guys are out of touch with what most Napa residents think is art. If it needs an artist to appreciate it isnt art. So lets go back the drawing board and get some ordinary non artists to stear this, not this bunch of so called artists.
Michael Holcomb


Michael, please stop spreading misinformation! The Public Art Steering Committee has nothing to do with the Napa Art Walk. The Art Walk is organized and chosen by Arts Council Napa Valley. They send out a request for proposals to interested artists and the art is chosen from the artists who apply by a committee chosen by the Arts Council.

Please get your facts straight before you press the submit button!

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