Details for REMAX GOLD NAPA/SHERE DAVIS - Ad from 2020-03-26

In a years time, this will all be a distant memory. There will be a corona baby boom because all the lovers were lovin. There will be a rise in small businesses because the entrepreneurs had a moment of stillness and creativity. There will be a change in perceptions, in society, in all of our relationships across the board. We will have learned that we are not in control as much as we thought we were - and that that is okay. All the children will have nothing but memories of their moms and dads being home, together and present. We will remember when our health was the first priority and we all learned new ways to exercise. Getting ‘fresh air’ actually meant something quite literally and we appreciated it more than we once did. We will have learned how to use fresh produce, immediately after we finally could find some to buy and we didn’t take that one roll of toilet paper for granted. We will have learned how to really cook, for every meal, from basic ingredients and for the ones we love. There will have been a global rise in togetherness within all of the chaos. The streets will have been oh so quiet but our homes were bustling with love and laughter. Just like other crisis’ before, it will all be a distant memory, a thing our children will discuss in classrooms and what our grandchildren will ask us about. It’s a very, very unsettling time in so many ways for every person in this world, but the silver lining is we are, for the first time in decades, in this together and that in itself, is something beautiful. (author-unknown)