Details for BALZAC COMMUNICATIONS & Mkting - Ad from 2019-04-21

A Program of the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office KEEP ON KEEPIN’ OUT Live Liv Sharpshooter egg mass. THE GLASSY-WINGEDSHARPSHOOTER IS STILL A THREAT You may have misconceptions about Glassy-winged Sharpshooters in Napa County. The reality is this: we’ve never had an infestation. And we intend to keep it that way...with your help. With one viable egg-mass already found inside Napa County in 2019, now is definitely not the time to relax. The single best way to keep this pest out is by not bringing uninspected plants into the county. Buy all of your garden and landscape plants from certified plant retailers inside Napa County, where shipments are inspected before sale. FOR INFORMATION, CALL 1.866.BUG.SPOT OR VISIT WWW.BUGSPOT.ORG

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