Details for 10/10

venom (2018) (pg-13) 11:10AM 4:50PM 7:40PM 10:30PM venom (2018) (3D) (pg-13) 2:00PM Christopher robin smallFoot (3D) (pg) (Digital) (pg) 11:05AM 2:05PM 1:50PM smallFoot (Digital) Crazy riCh asians (pg) 11:30AM 4:40PM (Digital) (pg-13) 1:00PM 3:55PM 7:05PM 7:15PM 9:45PM 10:05PM a star is born hell Fest (Digital) (r) (Digital) (r) 10:55AM 10:35AM 12:30PM 2:10PM the house With a 3:45PM 5:25PM 7:00PM CloCk in its Walls (Digital) (pg) 11:15AM 8:40PM 10:20PM 1:55PM 4:45PM 7:25PM 10:10PM night sChool (Digital) (pg-13) 11:00AM 1:45PM 4:35PM 7:30PM 10:20PM the nun (Digital) (r) 4:30PM 7:10PM 9:55PM a simple Favor (Digital) (r) 10:50AM 1:40PM 4:30PM 7:20PM 10:15PM the metropolitan opera: aiDa enCore (2018) (Digital) (g) 1:00PM 6:30PM venom (2018) (3D) (pg-13) 12:55PM 3:55PM 7:00PM 9:50PM venom (2018) (Digital) (pg-13) 12:00PM 2:55PM 5:45PM 8:35PM

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