Details for WINE COUNTRY CROSS FIT - Ad from 2019-05-12

Thank You Our SincereSt tO the nurSeS Of napa Valley fOr their cOmmitment and dedicatiOn! Get fit and strong at Wine country crossfit. choose between trX, Boot camp, aerial and crossfit classes. First class FREE. First month half off. Nurse testimonial: I’ve only been a nurse for 2.5 years and my back always ached half way through my 12 hour shifts. After just 3 months of building strength at WCCF my back pain has reduced substantially. WCCF teaches whole body movements and the coaches have been super helpful in teaching me how to properly engage muscles to prevent injury and build strength. I’m now confident in my future as a nurse. - Karlie Ramos, RN 818 Jackson Street, #e, napa 707-337-9441

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