Details for NAPA COUNTY FARM BUREAU - Ad from 2021-10-12

OCTOBER 12Th is NATiONAL FARMERs DAY honoring Napa Valley Farmers and Farm Workers “Over the last year, the men and women of Napa Valley agriculture have endured challenging times, yet have consistently displayed a level of dedication not only to Napa Valley agriculture, but to our communities as a whole, that is truly remarkable. On National Farmers Day, we celebrate all of our Napa Valley farmers and farm workers and thank them for their selfless dedication to Napa Valley. Their substantial contributions to Napa Valley agriculture and to our communities make our home truly world class.” -Ryan Klobas,CEO,Napa County Farm Bureau NAPA COUNTY FARM BUREAU Representing Napa Valley’s World-Class Agriculture since 1913 Thank You to Our National Farmers Day Partners: