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The Napa County Farm Bureau would like to address the topic of
commercial cannabis cultivation in Napa County and believe that the
following steps are critical to having the county and the community
become fully informed on this issue.
Commercial cannabis cultivation in Napa County is something that
causes us great concern and is an issue which, we believe, could
have ongoing detrimental impacts to the world class industry that
so many of us have helped to build over time. This is an issue that
requires an in-depth discussion with the community, stakeholders
and industry in an effort to fully understand the lasting impacts that
growing cannabis in Napa County would have on all of us.
As recent news reports demonstrate, the proponents of Measure J
(the Napa County Cannabis Regulation Initiative) have withdrawn
their initiative in what they cite as a “good faith” effort to persuade
the Board of Supervisors to immediately create an ordinance giving
them the ability to grow cannabis in Napa County.
We believe this is a false choice and is the wrong way to govern. Simply
because the proponents of an initiative withdraw their ballot measure
does not mean that it is incumbent on the Board of Supervisors to
immediately craft an ordinance. The Board of Supervisors should
slow down and thoughtfully examine this issue and determine if an
ordinance allowing commercial cannabis grows is even warranted,
rather than seeing this as a forgone conclusion.
We believe the county and industry organizations should first engage
in a comprehensive public education and outreach effort to gauge if
the community actually wants marijuana grown in Napa County. Our
community needs to understand that this issue has nothing to do
with access to marijuana, but only has to do with growing it in Napa
County. It is an issue that requires the community to be fully informed
about all of its consequences before the Board of Supervisors is in a
position to responsibly act on the issue.
We urge the Board of Supervisors to adopt an ordinance in the interim
banning commercial cannabis cultivation while we all continue to
study this issue and determine where the community wants to take
this issue. Community education and engagement is paramount to
making informed decisions on such an important topic.
We look forward to working with everyone to properly examine this
issue and protect the world class brand that we all cherish.

Johnnie White
Napa County Farm Bureau

Ryan P. Klobas
Chief Executive Officer
Napa County Farm Bureau


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