Details for NAPA COUNTY TREASURER/TAX COLLECTOR - Ad from 2019-08-25

PROPERTY TAX DEFAULT (DELINQUENT) LIST I, James B. Hudak, Napa County Tax Collector, State of California, certify that: The real properties listed below were declared to be in tax-default at 12:01 a.m. on July 1, 2016, by operation of law pursuant to California Revenue and Taxation Code section §3436. The declaration of default was due to nonpayment of the total amount due for the taxes, assessments and other charges levied in the fiscal year 2015-2016 that were a lien on the listed real property. Tax-defaulted real property may be redeemed by payment of all unpaid taxes and assessments, together with the additional penalties and fees, as prescribed by law, or it may be redeemed under an installment plan of redemption. The amount to redeem, including all penalties and fees, as of September 30, 2019, is shown opposite the parcel number and next to the name of the assessee. All information concerning redemption of tax-defaulted property will be furnished, upon request, by James B. Hudak, Napa County Tax Collector, 1195 Third Street, Ste 108, Napa, CA 94559-3050, (707) 253-4311. PARCEL NUMBERING SYSTEM EXPLANATION The Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN), when used to describe property in this list, refers to the assessor’s map book, the map page, the block on the map (if applicable), and the individual parcel on the map page or in the block. The assessor’s maps and further explanation of the parcel numbering system are available in the county assessor’s office. The properties listed below were legally assessed and/or assessments duly levied for the fiscal year shown. The taxes and/or assessments and other charges remain unpaid as of the date of this publication. These properties may be redeemed in the same manner as other tax-defaulted properties. Information concerning redemption, or an initiation of an installment plan of redemption, may be obtained from the tax collector, whose name appears in this notice. Property tax defaulted on June 30, 2016, for the taxes, assessments and other charges for the fiscal year 2015-2016: ASSESSOR’S PARCEL NUMBER ASSESSEE NAME SITUS AMOUNT TO REDEEM 032-300-019 AAA INVESTMENT GROUP INC 4,263.76 019-200-027 BERMUDEZ RONALD A & KIMBERLY L ETAL 2,770.61 020-300-021 BERNEKING HARVEY V TR 060-280-017 CAPITOL INVESTMENT & ACQUISITIONS INC 1600 ATLAS PEAK RD #410 NAPA CA 2,025.02 001-065-004 CARPENTER NIKKI 1631 MENLO AVE NAPA CA 016-203-003 CLIFTON JESSE A D TR 18,314.81 228.83 9,502.09 004-542-006 EVANS LANA J 123 S HARTSON ST NAPA CA 007-163-034 GRAHAM JAMES DUNCAN AND DIANA M 4009 LLOYD DR NAPA CA 032-460-009 HAMMOND JEFFREY 032-460-011 HAMMOND JEFFREY 058-441-010 HOGLUND TRACY E 2,905.14 11,079.10 7,485.04 7,111.75 2338 ELLIOTT DR AMCANYON CA 27,187.73 043-421-015 HUTTON KENNETH & JEAN 32 S NEWPORT DR NAPA CA 19,489.23 009-112-006 ICF GREEN DEVELOPMENT LLC 1003 CHARTER OAK AVE ST HELENA CA 86,687.43 059-131-018 JARAMILLO PEDRO & JIMENEZ SILVIA TR 759 WESTPARK AMCANYON CA 027-340-071 JAYDEN PROPERTIES LLC 2,644.61 9,895.66 027-340-073 KASSIDY CREEK INVESTMENTS LLC 2005 OAKVILLE GRADE NAPA CA 11,346.95 020-100-026 KLOPKA MICHAEL & SUSAN BATES TR 2110 DIAMOND MOUNTAIN RD CALISTOGA CA 20,758.48 042-081-005 MARTIN SCOTT ANDREW 2210 SANDRA DR NAPA CA 27,935.36 050-112-004 MILLER KEVIN D & ARIANA M 3474 MEADOWBROOK DR NAPA CA 22,356.67 001-555-007 MILLER MARK M TR 1515 TALLAC ST NAPA CA 011-201-004 MIRANDA WILLIAM R AND GRACE 1431 FOURTH ST CALISTOGA CA 020-272-004 MOREIRA ROBERT 004-564-007 MOREIRA ROBERT ETAL 016-243-013 MUND CHUCK & CAROLYN 058-330-015 NV CAST STONE LLC 3,903.64 4,215.16 1,840.50 13,268.16 9,502.09 1111 GREEN ISLAND RD AMCANYON CA 228,969.51 050-342-005 PENCIL CHARLES D AND OLWEN C REED 4225 LOVALL VALLEY LOOP RD SONOMA CA 046-511-034 PERKINS VALERIE 35 BELVEDERE CT NAPA CA 25,593.59 058-116-009 PHILLIPS NELLIE C TR 6 JOAN DR AMCANYON CA 1,441.18 007-102-025 RENO CLIFF 2469 CLARET ST NAPA CA 30,669.42 2,385.01 044-062-035 RITCHIE ARCHIBALD A EST OF 019-472-002 ROSSI JOHN R & KIMBERLY L 1013 HEADLANDS DR NAPA CA 15,230.56 038-142-015 SALZSIEDLER PENNY ANNE TR 1723 SIERRA AVE NAPA CA 7,288.65 011-300-020 SHEPPARD REBECCA E 011-300-023 SHEPPARD REBECCA E 1407 FOOTHILL BLVD CALISTOGA CA 7,762.97 16,668.10 449.11 011-300-024 SHEPPARD REBECCA E 1403 FOOTHILL BLVD CALISTOGA CA 018-080-048 THOMPSON CHRISTOPHER 2520 POPE CANYON RD ST HELENA CA 3,379.76 38,128.12 027-310-023 TOLER JOEL THOMAS TR 019-422-005 TOWNS MONA R ETAL 18,604.88 9,667.68 032-200-005 WILDER W P ETAL 4,373.77 019-482-005 WRIGHT GREELEY 1030 WESTRIDGE DR NAPA CA 003-053-014 YAFA INVESTMENTS INC 1962 YAJOME ST NAPA CA 015-140-002 YBARRA RUBEN G SUC TR I certify (or declare), under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct. Date: August 19, 2019 James B. Hudak Napa County Tax Collector Executed at Napa, Napa County, California on August 19, 2019. Published in the NAPA VALLEY REGISTER on August 25, 2019; September 1, 2019; and September 8, 2019. 398.63 27,658.29 2,056.18

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