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Did you only receive 50% or 75% of your
Personal Property limit?

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The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International
455 University Avenue, Suite 350.
Sacramento, CA 95825
After the 2017 Tubbs fire devastated our entire community, we thought we could trust
our insurance company to help us through such a painful situation. Instead of being on
our side, we felt we were in a fight against them.
We tried working with our insurance company and their independent adjuster but the
fight became too overwhelming. We soon realized we did not have the insider knowledge
it would take to navigate the complex maze of our claim. It was then we decided to meet
with Kyle Hensiek and Ken Crown.
Kyle Hensiek and Ken Crown counseled us, broke down our policy, explaining every detail.
We were relieved to hear your company would take over our claim and maximize our
insurance settlement. Kyle then introduced us to you and Jenny Schultz, your personal
property specialist.
While you dealt with our insurance company, Jenny painstakingly recreated the personal
property we lost. Your construction consultant, Jim Warren, then wrote an estimate to
recreate our home. We felt there was an expert there for us at every corner of our claim.
With your perseverance (and a lot negotiations with our insurance company), you and
your team increased our settlement 40% beyond what the insurance company initially
paid us. Retaining your company was the best investment we could have made, thanks to
the return we received from your team.
We highly recommend The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International to anyone needing help
with their claim. The last thing anyone needs after a disaster, is to feel that they are
picking up the pieces on their own.
Thank you for helping us.

400 Oyster Point Blvd., #519
South San Francisco, CA 94080
CA DOI License No: 2E11301

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