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losing Imagine discovering a wa y of ost unwanted fat and doing it alm tifically effortlessl y th at has been scien ! shown to improve your health? Read this article to find out how you can lose 7 or more pounds a week.That equates into a huge loss of unwanted weight.This is how one woman was able to do just that: The Napa Weight Loss Program is looking for at least 100 people in this area who are interested in losing up to 15 pounds or more – over the next 30 days by way of a doctor-monitored weight loss program. Napa Weight Loss and Wellness Center has helped hundreds of people lose weight! With the New Update to the program, patients are now losing the weight and keeping it off while eating healthy diets that will prolong their life and reduce the risk of many health related diseases! Countless patients regain their health and vitality through this unique program. More info @ Dr. Eade, DC, told us,“Your body holds dangerous toxins in your fat tissue as a way of diluting and neutralizing the toxins.This process helps get toxins away from your vital organs. If you gently REMOVE these toxins with this specific cleansing program, your body will begin to burn the fat on its own and therefore - you turn your body into a ‘fat burning’ machine and lose weight.”This new process tricks your body into thinking it’s fasting when your eating! Lose 25 - 40 lbs by New Year’s! Imagine utilizing a new method to trick your body into fasting while still consuming up to 1,100kcal/day. This program initiates “Autophagy” which helps reduce the effects of inflammation and aging on the body.This program is unique and is not offered anywhere else. It’s just one of the many scientific points that make so incredibly successful. While there are NO Guarantees everyone will get the exact same results, the average weight loss, according to Dr. Eade, is about 0.4 – 2 pounds per day per person. Compared to current routines of 1.5 pounds per week, this program saves you money and gets you ready for summer! Avoid the “CRA Fad Diets that SH!” of sweets & proc promote essed foods. Go to for your FREE report! Call today for your consultation - normally $99 - FREE for the next 25 patients. Hurry to be one of the Þrst 25! Yvonne lost over 40lbs! CALL (707) 927-1488 TODAY! Dr. David Eade, D.C. 575 Lincoln Ave Ste. 225 • Napa, CA 94558 napaWeiGhtloss. Net

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