Details for NAPA COUNTY MOSQUITO ABATEMENT - Ad from 2021-09-12

Manage THe MANAGE THE WATER IN WaTer In anD AND AROUND YOUR HOME arOUnD YOUr HOMe Mosquitoes Must have water in order to complete their lifecycle. Buckets, barrels, cans, bottles, wheelbarrows, tires, tubs, fish ponds, roof gutters, sumps and anything that will hold water is a potential mosquito breeding source. Eliminate mosquito breeding by emptying and turning over any containers that can hold water. Chlorinate and run the filter on spas and swimming pools. Pick up free mosquito fish from your mosquito abatement district for your fish pond or water garden. We are asking all residents to please check their property for any standing water. If you need assistance contact Napa County Mosquito Abatement District. IF YOU PREVENT MOSQUITOES BY REMOVING STANDING WATER AND ELIMINATING TING THEIR BREEDING PLACES YOU WILL: • Minimize the use of pesticides • Minimize the risk of West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases NAPA COUNTY MOSQUITO ABATEMENT TEMENT DISTRICT 707-553-9610 •