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Hereditary cancer screening
inspired by your next generation

Early detection for cancer starts
with you and your family. Research
has shown that up to 10 percent of
cancers are due to factors that are
passed from one generation to the
next. The Adventist Health Early
All-Around Detection (AHEAD)
Program provides genetic testing so
you can be more aware and take steps
to increase surveillance and prevent risk
of cancer. We are with you from start
to finish. Together inspired™
Cancer runs in Brenda’s family. After genetic
screening prompted by her gynecologist,
Dr. Candace Westgate, Brenda learned she was
BRCA1 positive, giving her an 87 percent risk
of breast cancer and a 40-60 percent risk of
ovarian cancer in her lifetime.
After counseling with Dr. Westgate, Brenda
chose to have a prophylactic double
mastectomy and hysterectomy and
“The impact on my life was extremely positive,”
Brenda says. “I can live my life and I am at
peace. And even more important is being able
to watch my boys grow.”

Adventist Health St. Helena is committed
to helping patients understand their risks
by offering genetic screening at each of our
primary care and women’s care offices.


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