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Our team of providers are
inspired to keep you moving

Your family’s good health is your priority—and it is still our mission. Our providers are
committed to providing you and the rest of our community with access to whole person
care. Through our local providers and our extended network of specialists throughout
Adventist Health, we are keeping our community healthy today and for generations
to come. Together inspired™

Cardiac Electrophysiology


Cardiology, Interventional

Internal Medicine

Peter Chang-Sing, MD

Stewart Allen, MD
Madhusudan Borde, MD
Monica Divakaruni, MD
Christina Dovas, NP
Mark Gardner, MD
Lou Ivanovic, MD
John Laird, MD
Whie OH, MD
Jeong-Sik Park, MD
Jan Marie Roberts, MSN, NPC-C
Kathleen Tong, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Gan Dunnington, MD
Manly Hyde, MD
Andreas Sakopoulos, MD

Family Medicine

Cheryl Chong, DO

Tegpal Atwal, MD

General Surgery

Mark Potter, MD
Pedro Ramirez, MD

Norma Medina, NP
Ethan Schram, MD

Maria Imelda M. Baguia, ARNP-C
Corey Warner, MD

Lifestyle Medicine

Susan Gamble, MD
James Peters, MD
Peggy Thomas, ACNP

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Michael Baggish, MD
John Kirk, MD
Sharon Phillips, NP
Sue Turner, NP, CNM
Kristine Twite Lehnen, CNM
Candace Westgate, DO

Ryan Moore, MD
Jacqueline Nguyen, MD
Katelyn Rogus, PA-C
Beverly Ruppert, PA-C
Stephanie Serna, PA-C
Michael Shifflett, MD
Jessica Tobin, PA-C

Physical Medicine &
Pari Azari, MD

Plastic & Reconstructive

Steven Herber, MD
Martin Paukert, MD
Leah Lopez, PA-C

Pulmonary Medicine
Ravi Nallamothu, MD

Job Care


Richard Kirk, NP

Daniel Haycraft, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Radiation Oncology

Daniel Birkbeck, MD
John Diana, MD
Brian Freeto, MD
Victoria Henriquez, PA-C
Kathryn Luce, PA-C
Joseph Mashinchi, PA-C

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call (800) 540-3611 or go to

Stephen Banks, MD
David Tate, MD


Paolo Andreassi, MD
James Woolley, MD


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