Details for MILLER ADVERTISING AGENCY, INC - Ad from 2020-01-26

NAPA, CA $(! ,"$+&'+% -*#-) AUCTION Currently Offered for $10.75M. SELLING WITH RESERVE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. In cooperation with: Listed by Suzy Anderson (#00827232) of Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley | +1 646.760.7823 4PM2 7397+3T, M2 *M2T+/ E93 2Q*+ N, 60K, %[/+329[ =1ZZ'F>FCF; 9E ]9*/-+** "Q[$+3 "39$+32 9E TP+ YQ**+, =1ZFZIC)A); G I>>@ (M[L9*[ %.+[0+X 60MT+ IZZX #Q7QX ]% Z>SF@'S@FZZS ]9[LM+3U+ %0L&9[2X ((] M2 Q \Q3$+&[U 2+3.ML+ 739.M/+3 E93 Q0L&9[2X M2 [9T Q *ML+[2+/ 8+Q* H2TQT+ N39$+3X Q[/ 7922+22+2 ]Q*ME93[MQ %0L&9[++3O2 "9[/ 1)F))FC>) D 'ZZ "3QK92 6T3++TX 60MT+ FFZX %02&[X 4V >'>ZIW RI =FIF; FZFJF