Details for RIGGS PARTNERS - Ad from 2019-08-08

g ro u n d h a s b e e n b ro k e n . d o n ’ t l e t yo u r h e a r t b e n e x t. reserve by august 31 and receive $5,000 in upgrade credits. Construction has officially begun on our new neighborhood of cottages and villa apartments. However, more than half have already been reserved and the selections process for preferred surfaces and custom finishes has begun. So act now to ensure your ability to live maintenance-free and with the peace of mind that only a Life Plan Community provides. Learn more today and don’t let an amazing opportunity—and this limited-time, $5,000 offer—pass you by. Call today for a private preview. 1.800.326.0419 FA I R F I E L D , C A L I F O R N I A Permit to accept deposits granted by CA DSS Sep. 1, 2017 RCFE #486800368 LIC #1338 COA #179 W W W . P V E S TAT E S . C O M

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