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The Recent Public Safety Power
Shutoff by the Numbers

started by electrical equipment during the PSPS.
exceeded 50 mph
in 15 counties, including 77 mph in Sonoma County, 75 mph in Contra Costa
County, 61 mph in Tehama County and 59 mph in Sierra County. High winds in
During the recent power shutoff, maximum wind gusts

Southern California last week appear to have spread at least one deadly and destructive fire.
PG&E crews found

more than 100 instances of damageand

hazards due to high winds, including downed trees and power lines, with additional
damage reports ongoing.
Before restoring power, PG&E inspected

25,000 miles of distribution lines and

6,300 personnel, including PG&E workers and contractors, turned off the power
and restored it safely and as quickly as possible.
Power was restored within

48 hours for the vast majority of the 738,000

customers in 35 counties impacted by the PSPS after the all-clear. PG&E dispatched 44
helicopters to help conduct aerial inspections.
Before the recent PSPS, PG&E inspected more than

700,000 electric-system poles,

towers and substations in high fire-threat areas, making immediate repairs as needed. In addition,
PG&E has installed

600 weather stations and 100 high-definition cameras in high fire-

threat areas to provide better data and advanced warning of potential fire incidents.
We are truly sorry for the ways we made an already difficult situation harder for our customers.
The PG&E main website was down or slow to respond for

36 hours and the customer call

center had wait times of over an hour. We are now working to upgrade the site so it can manage a
dramatic increase in traffic and will expand our call center staffing earlier during future events.

Thank you. Last week, people throughout California stepped forward to help friends
and neighbors who needed assistance during the power shutoffs. Our customers showed great
strength and resilience. We are deeply grateful to all of you.

To make sure we can reach you in an emergency, update
your contact information at

“PG&E” refers to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. ©2019 Pacific Gas and Electric Company. All rights reserved. Paid for by PG&E shareholders.

2,500 miles of transmission lines — longer than the distance around the Earth’s equator.


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