Sally Gordon is a professional life coach.

Sally Gordon is a professional life coach. She used to own a popular restaurant in Yountville called Gordon's Cafe. 

Longtime locals may recall Sally Gordon as the former owner of Gordon’s Cafe and Wine Bar in Yountville. But after her restaurant closed, Gordon changed careers. She went back to school became a professional life coach.

The two businesses have commonalities, Gordon said.

“Owning a restaurant is like being a life coach,” she said. “You’re part of peoples’ lives,” often on a daily basis.

Another reason she became a life coach is that “I really wanted to do something using all the wisdom and skills I’ve accumulated over 70 years, in a personal way,” said Gordon. The life coach will be 70 in September.

1. What was your childhood ambition?

To be a medical missionary in Africa.

2. What was your first job?

I was a waitress at Bob’s Big Boy in Pasadena.

3. What job would you like to have tried?

I would like to have been a teacher at the university level because I think I might have been able to inspire curiosity in my students.

4. What’s some good life coach advice you can give to readers?

We all have the answers to the questions we ask of ourselves.

5. What is the biggest challenge your business has faced?

Finding clients when you first start out. People shy away from opening themselves up to find solutions to their problems. Everyone has the answers but a coach’s job is to help them unearth them and move forward with their lives.

6. What is your fee?

I charge $100 per hour.

7. If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be?

I would like to see more training available for coaches after they finish their initial courses. I would also like to see more money available for women like myself to enable them to achieve their dreams.

8. Who do you most admire in the business world?

My father.

He invented a printing machine that revolutionized offset printing but he was working for a company that ultimately owned the patent. He saw little remuneration for his deed but was not bitter. He was a really honorable man. The kind of man we see very rarely these days.

9. What is one thing you hope to accomplish in your lifetime that you haven’t yet?

I would like to write a book about the fabulous life I have had, the people I have known and my view of love and compassion in the world. I’d call it “Coffee with Sally.”

10. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

In the Highlands of Scotland.

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