Erin and Adam Simms of Price Simms Family Dealerships

Erin and Adam Simms of Price Simms Family Dealerships.

Queen of the Valley Foundation announced the launch of its Distinguish Corporate Partners program and the confirmation of Price Simms Family Dealerships as a $50,000 partner. The company includes a Mercedes-Benz dealership located in Fairfield.

The Distinguish Corporate Partners program “is designed to engage businesses that demonstrate a strong commitment to the well-being of our community with financial contributions,” said a news release.

Businesses that become a partner and make an annual commitment of $10,000 or higher will receive tiered benefits that include meet-and-greets with Queen of the Valley’s leadership team, special event sponsorship, and recognition in the Foundation’s e-newsletter, website and more.

“We encourage local corporations to support the Queen,” said Elaine John, president/CEO of Queen of the Valley Foundation.

The Simms chose to participate in the program because Price Simms Family Dealership shares the same values as the Queen, such as integrity, excellence and compassion, said the release.

Adam Simms adds, “We’ve found that our business receives back from the community as much as we give. And as a family, we recognize the value of having a premium local hospital right here in Napa. That’s why the Queen is a natural partner for us.”

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