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Insurance Matters

Bruce Sackrison's Insurance Matters: Commercial crime insurance — who needs it?

From the Bruce Sackrison's Insurance Matters series
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Bruce Sackrison

Bruce Sackrison is a Napa Valley Register columnist who will write about property and casualty insurance matters.

Herman and Lilly’s security company had been up and running for several years before the need arose for hiring an employee.

Lilly took on the project of interviewing applicants, hoping to find someone with experience. The first few prospects were quickly dismissed, but when Eddie Truman stepped into the small office, Lilly was charmed.

Clean-cut, well built, with an air of self-confidence, Eddie had an impressive resume of experience with electronics and installation. Lilly hired him on the spot. Even Herman took to the young man, pleasantly surprised with how competent he was with the tasks assigned to him.

All was going swimmingly… until the day Eddie was given the job of installing surveillance cameras in a large home on Mocking Bird Lane.

The owner let Eddie in before leaving briefly to grab something at his office. Eddie got to work with wiring and cameras, moving from room to room, setting up equipment for installation.

Stepping into the master bedroom, Eddie noticed a handsome, gold watch atop a dresser. He looked closely, noting the expensive brand. There was a bracelet near the watch that looked valuable, as well.

The temptation was too strong. Eddie slipped the watch and bracelet into his pocket before continuing his job.

The following day, Lilly received a call from Dr. Dudley. He went into great detail, explaining how he was certain that the person who installed his security system had stolen a very valuable watch and piece of jewelry from his home in the short time Dr. Dudley had stepped out.

He distinctly remembered placing his watch on top of the dresser next to his wife’s bracelet before changing out of his work clothes, previous to letting Eddie into the house.

When he went to retrieve his watch the following morning, both it and the bracelet were gone. Mrs. Dudley was out of town, and no other person had entered his home since Eddie had been there.

Lilly was sure there had to be a plausible explanation. She called both Herman and Eddie into the office to inquire about the situation. As soon as she mentioned the watch, Eddie’s eyes narrowed and he ran from the office, never to be seen again.

The watch had been a custom-made Swiss watch, bought as an anniversary gift, worth $10,000. The bracelet had been a family heirloom estimated to be worth $4,000.

Herman and Lilly realized their mistake in trusting too quickly. Their current insurance policy did not cover the property of clients. Herman and Lilly paid out of pocket to cover their customer’s losses.

Have you considered Commercial Crime Insurance? There are many coverages available including these few choices:

  • Employee dishonesty
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Computer fraud
  • Money orders and counterfeit money
  • Property of clients

If you think your business could use protection from these types of crimes, a custom Commercial Crime Insurance policy is what you need. Give me a call today to discuss the types of coverages available for your business.

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Bruce Sackrison is an insurance property and casualty broker affiliated with Professional Insurance Associates. He is at 707-931-0186 or

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