Pulido~Walker proprietors Mark Pulido and Donna Walker have purchased Carmen and Gail Policy’s 14-acre Yountville estate including the Policy Vineyard, said a news release.

According to the transfer tax paid, the estate sold for $18.75 million.

The property is located at 1185 State Lane, Yountville.

This property’s residence, designed by architect Howard Backen, will be Mark and Donna’s new family home; their Mt. Veeder house was destroyed by the 2017 Napa Valley fires.

“We had originally hoped to rebuild after the devastating fires,” said Donna Walker.

“But after more than 18 months of work, we realized the insurance environment and construction market didn’t support our original plan. Once we discovered the magical Policy family home, our decision was fast.”

“This is a major milestone in our patient pursuit of the possible,” said Mark Pulido. “We’re so pleased that the Policy family is entrusting us with this Napa Valley legacy.”

The sale was recorded July 15. 

The Policys did not say where they are moving to. Carmen Policy could not be immediately reached this week to comment on the sale.

Sean Maher, Aspect Consumer Partners and Henry Schlangen, Terra Firma Global Partners acted as financial advisors and handled the negotiations, said the release.

“We have known Mark and Donna for approximately 12 years and have come to revere them and their son as family friends,” said said Carmen Policy.

“Based upon Thomas River Brown’s reputation and accomplishments, it is no coincidence that we both have him as our wine maker. He is intricately involved in supporting each of our winery productions and business operations.”

“Part of this mutually beneficial transaction provides that Thomas will continue selecting the perfect grapes for Casa Piena,” Carmen Policy’s wine brand, from the estate, “ensuring the continued tradition of excellence established with the first vintage in 2006.”

Casa Piena wines will continue to be classified as estate grown due to the long-term arrangement for the grapes, said the release.

“There will be no interruption or even a wrinkle in our wine business operation,” said Policy.

“This new arrangement and the continuity of team members will facilitate an expansion of creative involvement that benefits both families and businesses. We view this arrangement as a new chapter in the Casa Piena story,” he said.

The Policy Vineyard increases Pulido~Walker’s single vineyard designate Cabernet Sauvignon wine offerings to four sites – Mt. Veeder Estate Vineyard, Melanson Vineyard on Pritchard Hill, Panek Vineyard and the Policy Vineyard. This addition brings Pulido~Walker’s Napa Valley owned holdings to 25 planted acres of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes at Mt. Veeder Estate and Policy Vineyard.

The property is tucked behind and nestled at the base of one of the few valley floor knolls.

First owned by the Lincoln family from 1877 to 1966, it was then transferred to Rose Mondavi.

The Policys acquired the land from her family in 2003, building the estate and planting the vineyard. Award-winning winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown will continue to oversee all wine making operations for both families’ wines, said the release.

Pulido~Walker’s Mt. Veeder property is now dedicated to single vineyard designate Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Donna and Mark first moved to Napa Valley in the 1990’s and purchased the Mt. Veeder property in 2006.

Mark Pulido and Donna Walker grew up in pharmacy families, and this early common experience is integral to the Pulido~Walker philosophy, said the release.

“Their scientific backgrounds make Mark and Donna precise, inquisitive and analytical; they know that perseverance and long-term attention to detail yield exceptional results worth waiting for.”

Editor's note: this item has been updated to reflect the sale price of the property. 

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