Alex Myers is a business attorney with Myers & Associates in Napa. Reach him at or 707-257-1185. The information provided in this column is not intended as legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.

Dear Alex: In the recent storm, my neighbor dug a small trench that diverts rain water from his yard and into mine, and is flooding my back yard!

Dear Alex: My retail shop is looking forward to the holiday shopping season. And in preparation we are planning on hiring a part-time seasonal employee, but we don’t want to make a mistake with the employment rules.

For many people, the notion of paying an attorney $500 or $1,000 for assistance with a small legal dispute can put the notion of hiring legal representation fully out of reach.

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Every business starts with the best of intentions, but some businesses never reach financial success, and others that were once successful may eventually fail. The financial trouble can start slowly, at first by letting certain bills get paid late in order to pay others on time.

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Every year, California’s courts and state Legislature create volumes of new law. The year 2015 was no exception to that rule, and starting Jan. 1 many new laws affecting businesses became effective. Here are a few news laws that may be critical for your business:

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Now that the holidays have passed and 2016 has begun, ‘tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. Personal resolutions are common. People pledge to exercise more, or to quit a bad habit.

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In California, not every business is required to form a business entity with the state of California. Individuals, or multiple people working together in partnership who conduct business for profit, are automatically subject to certain laws and legal classifications.

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I have a cat and a dog at home. The cat, he could not care less about me as long as he’s got food and water and someplace to nap. The dog, on the other hand, needs constant attention, affection and care.

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