Burt Polson

Burt Polson

It may have been many years since you were a home buyer. Real estate agents are professionals who are tuned-in to look at your home with the intention of a buyer.

The right agent will spend the time with you to present the opportunity of buying your house to a buyer with the least number of roadblocks.

Preparing a home to market it for sale is fresh on my mind. Occasionally, I will list a house for sale for a commercial client, family or friend. I took time with my current sellers of 3760 Cano Court in Napa (3760Cano.com) in helping them understand how to prepare their property.

You want to make it easy for a buyer to purchase your house. I created a list of four roadblocks that could prevent your house from selling at top dollar, if at all.

Priced too high

There are two primary factors a seller has to influence the selling of their house. When a buyer considers their criteria in a home, the price is a significant factor in determining whether they will tour your house. The price must be appropriate for the market, style and condition of the property.

In poor condition

The second primary factor a seller has to influence is the condition of the house. The condition would include maintenance, repairs, paint, updates, and upgrades.

The price and condition affect each other; therefore, the price should reflect the condition.

Poor marketing

Just like a resume is the means to get you a job interview, marketing is your tool to get the buyer to tour your house. Not allowing your agent to list your house on the multiple listing service or the plethora of other internet sites as well place a sign on your property is just placing up roadblocks to a buyer.

Also, use top-quality photos and videos and make sure there are no errors or misrepresentations in any of your marketing material.

The tour was challenging

Part 1 of a challenging tour for a buyer is difficulty getting into the property.

Not having a lockbox installed, unreasonable tour times, or requiring excessive notice are unnecessary roadblocks.

For the seller, it is inconvenient and hard work selling a house, but it will only be this way for a few weeks if done right.

The hard work will be keeping the house in show condition. Your agent should perform an initial walk-through with you showing you how to present your home for a tour.

Getting your property ready for a tour is when you need to put your emotions aside. Remove excess furniture, keep the property clean and uncluttered inside and out. Remove yourself and your pets from the premises for the tour.

Remember, you are selling your house for a buyer to make their home. You are not selling your home. Remove all the roadblocks preventing a buyer from seeing your house as their future home.

Taking it one step further prepare your house for a tour by turning on all the lights, make sure it smells good and prepare the rooms to appear you are having company over—set tables, fluff pillows, put out clean towels and don’t forget the outside patio and deck.

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Burt M. Polson, CCIM, is an active commercial real estate broker. Reach him at 707-254-8000, or burt@acresinfo.com.