Burt Polson's Real Estate in the Napa Valley: The story of the distracted turtle
Real Estate in the Napa Valley

Burt Polson's Real Estate in the Napa Valley: The story of the distracted turtle

Burt Polson

Burt Polson

Starting around April each year in the warmer climate coastal beaches, female sea turtles emerge from the ocean to lay their eggs.

After digging a two-foot deep hole with her hind flippers, she lays more than 100 eggs. She then covers her clutch and goes back into the ocean, leaving the soon-to-be hatchlings fending for themselves. Two months later, in the cover of night, the hatchlings emerge, instinctively searching for the brightest light of the night sky and make a run for it.

Not all make it to the safety of the ocean; approximately half are disoriented and go the wrong direction distracted by artificial light. Instinct tells the fledgling young turtles to head in the direction of the moonlight reflecting over the ocean—the brightest light in the night sky. With real estate development growing on coastal beaches, the lighting from houses, condominium complexes, and hotels confuse the turtles distracting them from the direction that will save their life.

Skip April: I have heard it said and seen it written that several wish they could “skip the month of April.” In my last article, I described my perspective of the shelter-in-place order as a forced rest.

Others have called it a “pause” in their life. Whatever you may call this unprecedented situation, humankind finds themselves in, we all have an opportunity to use our time wisely. The magnitude of our situation is not to be taken lightly (and I do implore you to please practice social distancing). But, this is not a time to be distracted.

Keep your goals in perspective: Some may consider this an uncertain time to start a private equity real estate fund.

However, my business model and objectives are coming together, and I am close to finalizing the prospectus.

The backbone of my company is to be a good steward of the resources entrusted to me. It is why my focus will be on purchasing investment real estate with all cash, and which represents good investment real estate fundamentals. Real estate investment fundamentals include buying the right property, at the right time, for the right price. My philosophy is to mitigate for the worst times, be prudent in the better. It all starts with having your goals in mind, ignoring all the “chatter” out there, streamlining your expenses, and buying what makes sense. The basic real estate fundamentals hold for your investments as well.

An antidote for distraction: In a recent episode of the podcast, Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller, guest Jon Gordon talks about the five “D’s” of negative thinking: doubt, distort, discourage, distract, and divide.

Our current circumstances bring different emotions; unfortunately, many negative. Information comes at us daily, which may plant the seed of doubt in our minds, distorting the truth.

It is this distortion and potential lies we tell ourselves that lead to discouragement. Being discouraged sets the stage for yielding to distractions with the outcome of division. The division could come in the form of a bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, or some other separation from something of value. The good news is the antidote for the five “D’s” is trust, truth, encouragement, focus, and unity. Let’s make it our goal to focus on those.

Burt M. Polson is the CEO of ACRESinfo.com, a commercial real estate brokerage company and CEO of StoneMarkerInvestments.com, a private equity real estate fund. Call him at 707-254-8000 or email burt@acresinfo.com and burt@stonemarkerinvestments.com.

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