You are probably thinking ‘What does this column title mean?’

Perhaps Chris missed a letter or a word or something in the title of the column.

Maybe you’re wondering how I came across this term or what type of milk I pour in my cereal each morning, both of which are likely not exciting to you.

However, what if I was just randomly surfing the Internet with Siri and we were looking together for more information on the most popular “coast lines” in California?

But, of course, my reception was bad at the time, and, therefore, Siri promptly returned my voice queries with search results on a “lot line adjustment” instead.

Alright, fine, none of that is true.

The only thing that’s close to being accurate here is the incredibly large difference in Google search results between “lot line adjustments” and, let’s say, a well-known term such as “YouTube.”

Try it. You should see around 2,430,000 results versus about 2,230,000,000 results respectively.

I guess quite a few more people are searching for their favorite videos rather than how to perform their own lot line adjustment.

While this is no surprise for those of you who have the vision and the patience, enduring a lot line adjustment on your property can actually be very beneficial.

Since it’s hard to avoid a news article or social media post lately on our housing shortage crisis, I thought this would be a fun way to introduce something on which your local county surveying department can offer further guidance.

According to many county websites, a lot line adjustment is “a realignment of boundary lines between two to four existing legal parcels where the land taken from one parcel is added to an adjacent parcel. This process is undertaken when the owner(s) of adjacent lots or parcels desires to change the shape, size, and/or location of the parcels.”

Although you’re not going to solve the housing issues in your area by simply adjusting your lot lines, you could possibly create a more favorable property footprint for yourself by better understanding your boundaries and their capabilities.

Assuming you are able to line up a surveyor or engineer to go along with your favorite title insurance representative, you have the making of a successful start to your lot line adjustment application with your local county office.

In the event you’re purchasing a property and want to include a lot line adjustment as a condition of your contract, it’s best to make sure that all parties to the transaction are well-informed about the scope of the project before you agree to take something like this on.

For example, it’s critical that your Realtor, lender, property appraiser, title insurance company and surveyor all work together to reconcile the many data points in your file before and after the lot line adjustment is completed.

In addition, if there’s a delay in the recording of the lot line adjustment for whatever reason, you should have a contingency plan in place.

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