When I got out of my car during a trip to the beach the other day, I heard a voice immediately ask me for something.

I turned around and didn’t see anyone. Plus, I couldn’t clearly understand the request.

But then the voice was louder the second time and the request was more specific. I finally made eye contact and a stranger asked me for some “loose change.”

I haven’t heard the term “loose change” in quite a long time. It’s somewhat of an odd term in today’s vocabulary.

The ‘loose change’ request from this stranger was rewarding, as it turned into several bills and not coins for that person.

Most importantly, this exchange hopefully made a positive difference in this person’s day.

But it also got me thinking about the power of change itself. In that respect, this brief experience quickly became mutually beneficial.

For example, if you take a step back and try to define what change means to you, it will likely take you a good amount of time to figure out. There’s a reason why the word “change” returns more search results on Google than “hope.”

On the car ride back home from the beach, I put this to the test.

First, I started to go over what change meant to me. I quickly realized that you never know if you will find change or if change will find you. Sometimes it just happens and often times it occurs in many different ways.

From a monetary perspective, even if you find a quarter on the ground instead of the common penny, that’s change.

To take it a bit further, the use of “loose change” could imply that change doesn’t happen that often.

In a digital age where daily goods and services are primarily bought and sold via electronic payment, you won’t find too many dimes jingling in your pockets or nickels stuck on the floor of your car.

Next, change is certainly not all coin-related.

From a mortgage standpoint, perhaps a slight variation or adjustment in your interest rate is the right amount of change for you.

Alternatively, you may want the terms of your loan modified or you need to convert from one loan product to another to better manage the debt against your property.

Either way, swapping out or replacing certain components of your home loan could also be the difference or transformation that helps you build more wealth.

However, the most powerful change can simply be a new circumstance or opportunity in your life.

Remember, “loose change” is something that’s not rigidly fastened. It’s something that has freedom of movement and is not restrained.

If you are comfortable working with a particular Realtor or mortgage professional or anyone, for that matter, that’s great.

Although for whatever reason, if you feel it’s time for a change, it’s OK to explore second opinions or options. Sometimes, you just need to look for a sign to prompt you to do it.

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