It’s here, the official mid-point of the year. Our annual Fourth of July holiday weekend is happening now.

It’s a time to celebrate our country’s independence with fireworks, outdoor concerts, barbecues, picnics, parades, baseball games, family reunions or simply a lazy day in front of the TV.

Who knows, everyone is different and that’s what makes our country special. And whether you are working this weekend out of necessity or desire to allow those who are not working the opportunity to celebrate safely in public throughout our community, we thank you!

Alright, let’s get to it. According to numerous online dictionaries, a skewer can be used as a noun via “a pin of wood or metal for fastening meat to keep it in form while roasting or to hold small pieces of meat or vegetables for broiling.”

Alternatively, it might be leveraged as a verb in the context “to criticize or ridicule sharply and effectively.”

Hopefully, your holiday weekend is spent on the noun side of skewer instead of the verb side of it.

Then again, we live in a free country, so you get to say or do what you want, within reason, correct?

Here’s a great case in point.

While watching a sporting event on TV, many of us openly “skewer” the performance of a player or team or, of course, the referee. It’s allegedly harmless fun, nobody can hear us, at least not the individuals or teams we are skewering.

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But what if they could hear all of us and what if they started to believe what we are saying, I wonder how that would impact them and their performance.

In fact, it really isn’t that much different in the business world either. If you are a writer or a commentator or a public official and one with a ton of influence, there’s a good chance someone is listening to what you say.

For example, perhaps the Federal Reserve is listening to the President of the United States, or maybe they are just hearing the President or possibly they don’t care at all.

In the meantime, interest rates for home loans continue to drift lower. The factors that influence the direction of these interest rates are vast and are by no means tied to a single source.

However, some of these factors may standout more than others based on the comments or performance of an influential individual or group of influential individuals.

Furthermore, property values are struggling to find their new normal in some areas.

For those of you who were recently or who are actively in the process of financing a home, the results of your appraisal report might not be meeting all expectations.

This has effectively created what’s called a “property value and interest rate skewer.”

Homeowners don’t like to see that their value has eroded, and Wall Street does not like to see home loans get churned before they can recoup their investment in the last rate they gave you. Happy grilling!

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