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The other day, I went to a local deli to get a sandwich for lunch. I specifically ordered their specialty club sandwich with provolone cheese.

At that time, I didn’t give the person who was helping me the opportunity to let me know if there was a different type of cheese that would have gone better with my specialty club sandwich.

Instead, I just ordered quickly and without thinking too much about it. I guess I was hungry.

Anyhow, I then moved over to the cashier’s counter to pay for it. As I patiently waited for them to finish up my order, I looked around and found a bag of chips that caught my attention.

While I stood there in line, I opened the bag and took my time inspecting each chip before enjoying them one by one.

After a couple of minutes of munching on these delicious chips and checking my cellphone, I overheard another lunch order get placed. It was also for a specialty club sandwich.

But this time, I listened as the same person who helped me asked this next customer what kind of cheese he wanted on the sandwich. In turn, the customer replied, I don’t know, “why don’t you give me some options.”

When I got back to my office, I realized that I had been reminded of why it’s so vital for consumers to have options.

Whether you remember to ask for options or if you are presented with options before you request them, either way you have them to consider.

Sometimes you forget even the most basic of things, such as a cheese selection on your sandwich, which could ultimately determine if you would order that specialty club sandwich again or pay a return visit to the same deli.

For example, I’m sure many of you would not walk into your lender’s office and request estimated loan worksheets for 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, 25-year and 30-year fixed-rate amortization options without being advised first by your lender or perhaps doing some extensive research on them beforehand.

Like the chips or the cheese selection, you don’t really know what might work best for you until you can clearly define your goals and complete a loan application.

In fact, this really applies to various parts of your loan process. It’s no different for when you’re deciding to lock your rate, for how long to lock it and if you should pay points or not pay points to lock it.

There are tons of options to slice up. It also relates to your insurance choices, home or mortgage, where you must peel through the various coverage amounts, deductibles and providers to figure out the right combination.

Lastly, if you needed a reminder of why options can be so important or confusing or both, just think about all those Super Bowl betting options.

Now back to the cheese, go ahead and break out that pepper jack or swiss or gouda this Super Bowl weekend. Have fun.

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Chris Salese can be reached at salesechris@gmail.com or (707) 363-4439. He is a licensed California mortgage lender Equal Housing Lender.