Even if you just quietly repeat the title of this column to yourself, it rhymes in an eerie way. Yet, that’s the classic nature of Halloween, which is to create that uneasy feeling by watching old horror films and telling nerve-racking stories.

Halloween is also when you see spooky home decorations or work spaces that are ingeniously designed to startle you as you pass them. Lastly, let’s not forget all of those timeless scary costumes too.

Unfortunately, Halloween 2017 will be much different. We have never before experienced days and weeks like this leading up to what’s by far the most well-known non-official holiday of the year.

The incredible events that occurred during the night of Oct. 8 have triggered what likely will end up being the most destructive wildfire in the history of California.

It wasn’t fair. It’s not right. Nonetheless it happened.

As much as we want to, we can’t go back and change things to avoid the hardship caused by these devastating fires.

Sadly, there are really no words either that can describe everything that’s taken place and still taking place during this Halloween month of 2017.

However, for one day, which traditionally has very few rules anyway, we should try to embrace the spirit of Halloween. On Oct. 31 we must pull together as a community and help each other out.

Halloween 2017 should have a feel of something similar to that best-selling children’s book, “Trick or Treat, Marley!” by John Grogan.

You remember — the one with the loveable dog and all of his mischievous antics. My five-year-old son had me read this book with him the other night for a school project.

Despite reading this book once a year for the past 14 years with my kids as they’ve been growing up, it still made me laugh. If you can, give this book a try to reset your Halloween mood.

In general, Halloween has this uncanny ability to generate its own vibe.

According to some of the definitions for Halloween that you can find by simply saying “Ok, Google, what is Halloween?” into a small speaker with flashing colored lights on top of it, Halloween is about celebrating with friends and family.

While many of us won’t know how to act or what will feel right this Halloween year, it’s OK. It will be awkward, to say the least.

So, let’s take advantage of Halloween 2017 because it’s on a Tuesday this year. Schools are open and businesses are open as well. Everyone should be around.

If you can, give someone a hug this year instead of trying to scare them. Maybe treat a stranger to a cup of coffee. Be mindful and respectful of the costumes you wear, the decorations you hang and the doorbells you ring.

If you can, celebrate locally and stay safe. But get ready for the start of the holiday season.

We have a lot to be thankful for and plenty of people who still need our help.

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