Craig Smith

Craig Smith is the executive director of the Downtown Napa Association.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

That’s a quote from Winnie the Pooh, which Barbara Wiggins, owner of Mustard Seed Clothing Company, used to announce her retirement.

She continued thusly, “After much thought and reflection, I have decided to hang up my bonnet and pursue a life of blissful retirement.”

The store will close on April 27.

“It’s time to bow out gracefully, take up sky diving and adventure seeking before my kids take my car keys away and put me in a nursing home!” said Wiggins.

“From the Mustard Seed’s beginning in St. Helena to our move to downtown Napa, I have thoroughly enjoyed the business, but have mostly enjoyed the relationships I have built with you; so much more than customers you are friends.”

“When thinking back over the years of changes and evolution in Downtown Napa one thing remained constant – your loyalty. Floods, fires, and earthquakes didn’t keep you away and I am grateful for your years spent shopping with us. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have made my career immensely satisfying, fun, rewarding, and memorable. I wouldn’t have done it for so long if it weren’t for you.”

She signed it and added, “The ‘Seeds,’ Sue, Sue-2, Bobbi, Emily, Cami and Hailey and I, will be celebrating with fun, laughs, memories and THE BIGGEST AND BEST DARN SALE EVER! Come on down, lets party!!!” 1227 First St. Open daily.

Happy #5!

Cigar aficionados will want to circle this date – May 31, Napa Cigars, at 1147 First St., celebrates their fifth anniversary of being downtown.

“We love it here,” said owner Eric Smaldino. He and his co-owner/partner originally opened in Wyoming, where they still have a store, and they heard that downtown’s only cigar shop was closing. Smaldino and his wife, Lindsey, visited Napa to check out the business climate, liked what they saw, and fell in love with the area in general.

“Things get a little busier and a little better every day. It’s great being downtown, especially on First Street.”

They will celebrate the anniversary with Arturo Fuente Cigars and Duckhorn wine, and you are invited. Check the website napacigars.net for information, or call 251-1513.

Have you ever used a computer?

Okay, that’s a rhetorical question if there ever was one, but do you know what that blue light your screen emits does to your eyes, and what you can do about it?

Dr. Craig Sultan, owner of Eye Works on Pearl Street, is an expert in the matter. He offers free suggestions for selecting a brightness setting for your screen, what size monitor is best, and even the proper dot pitch setting.

These and a whole slew of tips are available at the-eyeworks.com. Even better, make an appointment with Dr. Sultan for one of the most thorough eye exams available in the county.

See you downtown!

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Craig Smith is the executive director of the Downtown Napa Association and also the author of “Lies That Bind – How Do You Arrest Somebody Who Doesn’t Exist?” Reach him at 257-0322 or craig@donapa.com.